Beautiful aster for mom

Soon the spring will end and spring will begin, which means that a beautiful day will come - the eighth of March. Children always want to please their mother, grandmother, sister or aunt with some gift. Postcards are made, gifts are bought, a delicious dinner is prepared and so on. Today I want to tell you how to make a beautiful flower that your mom will definitely like and will decorate her room for a long time. You need: • Colored paper - 2 leaves for petals, I have coral color, and also 1 green sheet and a strip of yellow. • Corrugated paper of green color or colored adhesive tape of green color. • Awl or gypsy needle. • • Wire. • • Lines, pencil, scissors. • Glue.
 You need materials
First of all, we need to make a curve. Draw a cross and then add three more lanes between the lines of the cross. It is not necessary to make a perfect 16-gig, you will still bend the triangles later. One 16-square should be 10 cm in diameter,another 8 cm. Drawing an aster
We need to cut out a 4 16-inch rectangle 8 cm in diameter and 6 - a diameter of 10 cm. We also need to cut 2 16 8 cm diagonal on green paper.
 Cut out the thumbnail
Draw the resulting stock and make a circle in the middle.
 need to cut out
Using lined lines, make cuts to the circle and begin to fold the triangles along the center line.
we will make the slots
such preparations for a flower. Petals need to be bent into the middle in order for the flower to turn out to be voluminous in the future.
 blanks for a flower
We take a strip of yellow colored paper and add it along the length in half. Now with scissors we make incisions at an angle, not reaching the fold line.
 We take a strip of yellow paper
When the whole strip is cut, we start to twist it.To twist it is necessary so that the "petals" of the paper swell and create a boom box.  twist it As you twist, glue the paper with glue so that it does not turn back. You should have such a fluffy circle. This circle will become the center of our flower.
 glue the paper with glue
Now we are starting to assemble our aster. We take 16-squares with a diameter of 10 cm and gradually glue them together, dipping the central circles with glue. Next, take a 2 16-inch rectangle 8 cm in diameter and paste it into the center of the flower. Do not forget to bend the petals to the center.
 glue the blanks
The remaining 2 16-corrugated coral and 2 green colors we glue from the bottom of the flower, face down. When all the petals of the flower are dry and stick together well, make a small hole in the center with an awl or a gypsy needle and insert a wire into it. Bend the end of the wire and fix it with glue and a fluffy yellow core. Wire wrapped with green corrugated paper or green scotch. You should have such a flower. If desired, you can make a leaf from corrugated paper and screw it onto the stalk of an aster. Such an aster made by the hands of a child will surely please mom or grandmother. You can also make this flower together with children, it helps to develop fine motor skills! You can experiment with aster color and create amazing multicolored bouquets.
 Beautiful aster with your own hands

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