Beauty rituals that must be done constantly

Woman’s Day has made a plan that is easy to follow in pursuit of beauty.

Standards of beauty are different, but a really well-groomed woman is really beautiful and magically attractive. So, the girl with any initial data can become attractive. The main thing is to know the secrets of the beauty routine and make them a habit.

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The skin should be the main point in your beauty plan. Healthy complexion and shine ensures proper nutrition and care. And these are procedures performed daily. Let's go in order.

Take vitamins

Drink multivitamins in pills or make sure that all the necessary trace elements are ingested with food. For example, vitamin C is not accidentally called the beauty vitamin. It provides a healthy complexion, helps to avoid the appearance of age spots and excess moles. And vitamin D is responsible for the health and shine of nails, hair, teeth whiteness and bone strength.

Flush makeup

Everyone knows this common truth, but girls sometimes think that the purification procedure can be neglected. However, indelible mascara and toner will not just make you a “panda” with dark circles under your eyes in the morning. They clog the pores of the skin, cause inflammation, create black spots on the t-zone and enlarged pores on the cheeks. Especially lazy to engage in hygienic care for the face of fans of extended eyelashes, colored eyebrows and make-up tattoo. This is more dreary and long, the cilium can peel off or the edge of it can slip off from one edge. If you think that small grubby details are imperceptible behind a bright image and a ton of cosmetics, your skin does not think so!

The cream should be day and night

Even the most expensive jar of money should not be smeared both in the morning and in the evening equally. The skin, like its owner, lives in its own rhythm and feeds differently in the light and dark hours of the day. Daily funds are usually easier. They work as a base for makeup and protect against external negative factors. Nighttime is denser and more nutritious, since at night the skin rests and more actively absorbs the beneficial properties of creams.Your funds are selected correctly, if during the day the skin does not peel off and does not redden due to lack of protection, and after the night it is not covered with a greasy luster that is difficult to wash off.

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With external beauty figured out, now a little about inner peace and harmony. They are reflected in your look, facial expression, smile and attractiveness for the opposite sex. Work on yourself is just as important and also turns into a good habit for every day.

Emotional hygiene

What it is? Every day in the process of communicating with people, reactions to current events, you no-no and yes, and recruit negative emotions, resentment, annoying memories. Come home tired and devastated. Breaking on relatives and upset yourself. It is important to find time in the evening, sort through the past day and mentally release negative events.

You can attach this process to washing or applying the cream - while caring for yourself, looking in the mirror, mentally clear the mind of the anxieties of the past day. You will see that the most beautiful woman in the world will smile at you in the reflection.


The main friend of female beauty has remained so for many decades.Famous actresses and models speak about him. And doctors remind: at least 8 hours a day. By the way, the rate of people may be more. And for health, it is also important to go early, ideally at 21-22 hours. This sleep is good for the skin and eyes, allows you to control weight (during the night of wakefulness, we feel hungry and have a snack), prevents cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Try to monitor and replace the midnight vigil for a few days: half an hour less flipping through the tape on social networks, an hour less watching TV shows and reality shows. The result is not long in coming.

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