Beauty treatment

Well-groomed skin is primarily a consequence of the health of the whole organism. Effective skin care necessarily implies the observance of the rules of a healthy lifestyle in addition to the competent use of cosmetics and salon procedures.

Each professional cosmetics has its own "philosophy" and "chip". I will describe the classic basic care. For best results, you should clean your face before leaving. Depending on the skin type and the purpose of the procedure, the doctor selects the drugs.

  • Any care begins with cleansing the skin from makeup, impurities, sebum, while the agents themselves have a therapeutic effect.

  • Then a tonic is applied to restore the water balance, improve microcirculation, relieve irritation.

  • Sometimes a system precaution is added. Preparations provide loosening, adsorption, draining, detoxifying action.

  • The next stage is peeling, removal of dead scales from the upper layers of the epidermis.Exfoliation can be mechanical using a scrub or a scrub-chemical, chemical using acids, enzymatic with applying a creamy mass containing plant enzymes.

  • Next, the skin is stimulated using ampoules or serums, which increase the elasticity, firmness, and immunity of the skin, help reduce the severity of wrinkles, improve metabolism, normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, etc.

  • Then under the occlusion masks are applied for 15 minutes. This increases the penetration of the active substance. According to the testimony of the mask can be nourishing, soothing, seborrhea, regenerating, lightening and so on. The mask can also be performed light massage or microcurrents.

  • The procedure ends with the application of a cream that will be selected according to the characteristics of your skin.

Usually such treatments are carried out every 7-10 days in a course of 4-6 times. A break of about 3 months depending on the season, the problem and the individual properties of the skin.

Also important is home care. Trust your dermatologist or dermatologist in this matter so that he builds a competent system care for your skin.

I wish you light.Lots of light from your skin!

Dermatologist, cosmetologist Lebedeva S.V.

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