Bicycle Wheel Lights

All the good times of the day, in this short article, I'll tell you how to make the bicycle wheel lights your own.  highlighting the wheels of a bicycle
need: 1.Waterproof LED strip. 2. Holders for 9v batteries. 3. Two 9v batteries. 4.Pairs of buttons buttons. 5.Silicone sealant or hot melt glue.
highlighting the wheels of a bicycle
First of all we cut the LED strip into segments that we paste between the spokes, I got 36 pieces for each wheel.
wheel lighting bike
Next, glue the pieces of LED strip between the spokes on each wheel and begin the process of soldering it.
 highlighting of bicycle wheels
After the LED strip was soldered,let's connect the power supply - solder a pair of wires at the end of the LED tape and output them through the power button to the battery holder, fix the holder to the wheel shaft with a steel clip, now it only remains to fix the wires with the switch along the spokes and seal the soldered contacts on the LED ribbon with hot-melt adhesive or silicone sealant.

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