Biography and personal life of Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian is considered a Canadian citizen, but she has a Belgian background. The owner of a beautiful soprano with a range of 2.5 octaves managed to sell more than 10 million albums worldwide.


The famous singer was born on January 9, 1970 in Belgium, but spent the first 5 years of her life in Sicily. The girl's parents performed a duet in bars: her father played the guitar, and her mother sang. When the girl was 6 years old, she bought a piano and enrolled in a music school. At the age of 8 she entered the Royal Conservatory and studied there for 10 years.

The first performance on stage took place at the age of 14, then Lara was supported by her father. And after 2 years she became the winner of the famous Springboard contest. After another 2 years, Fabian represents Luxembourg at Eurovision and takes 4th place, and her whole song “Croire” is sung by all of Europe.

Moving to Canada and international recognition

In Belgium, Lara released 2 albums, but in 1990 moved to Canada. This decision was difficult for the singer, but she traveled to another continent not only for fame, but also love.Relationship with producer Rick Ellison developed rapidly, but did not last long.

With the support of her father, the singer is releasing a new album in Canada. Several songs immediately become world hits, and Lara is nominated for the prestigious Felix award. After that, the artist writes the album "Carpe Diem" and the soundtrack for the famous series "Clone." In 1995, Lara received Canadian citizenship and a prize from the Canadian Recording Association as "Best Performer of the Year."

Return to Europe and a new stage in creativity

In 1996, Lara Fabian released the third album, for which she receives the first European CD. The record "Pure" in Canada becomes platinum, and in Europe - twice platinum and gets the highest points from reputable critics. And in 1997, Lara signed a contract with Sony Music and recorded the first English-language album, Live, and then Lara Fabian. So begins the creative work of the artist in Europe. The following albums of the singer were also successful, and the main recorded single - “La Lettre”, its author was Jean-Félix Lalande.

Now Lara Fabian has 4 concert and 13 studio albums, she sings in 5 languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian and Italian.

Lara Fabian and Russia

In Russia, the star has a lot of fans, and this is not surprising.In 2010, Lara released the album "Mademoiselle Zhivago", and the composer Igor Krutoy helps the singer in creating the album. Fans have heard songs in different languages, including Russian. After that, she performs with concerts in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, sings a duet with Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

Personal life

The first serious relationship with the singer formed with Rick Ellison - producer, for whom she went to Canada. The couple broke up after 6 years, but joint creative activity lasted until 2004. After breaking up with Eric, Lara had a romantic relationship with producer Walter Afanaseff, singer Patrick Fiori and guitarist Jean-Félix Lallan.

The singer was associated with warm relations with Gregory Lemarchal, many of their entourage were convinced that young people had an affair. But it is not, they were friends and congenial people. In 2007, Gregory died, Lara was hard going to lose a friend.

The only daughter of Lara Fabian was born in a civil marriage with the television director Gerrard Pullichino. The marriage broke up in 2012, but the former spouses managed to keep warm relations. And in 2013, Lara announced that she was married.Her husband is the famous illusionist Gabriel Di Giorgio.

Now the singer with her family lives in the suburbs of Brussels and pleases her fans with new songs and recitals.

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