Black chickpea hummus

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
150 gramsSesame (pasta (thina))2 tbsp.Lemon juice1 tbsp.1 tspOlive oil2 tbsp.1 pinch
For filing
Cumin (black)

Middle Eastern hit. Hummus is a chickpea dish that is incredibly popular in Lebanon and Israel. Even if you have never been to these countries, cook hummus easily by following special instructions from


Pour the black chickpeas in water and leave for 48 hours, once changing the water, rinse.

Add prepared chickpeas to the pan, pour 4 times more water than chickpeas (this is required so that black cooks twice as long as its bright counterpart), add cumin and cook at a moderate temperature for about four hours. During the cooking process, additional water may be required. At the end of cooking, salt.

Drain the decoction, but do not pour it out.

Beat the chickpeas (a few whole peas for serving) with a blender, add the thin or sesame paste, lemon juice and beat again.

Ready black hummus from chickpeas cool, when serving, pour olive oil, sprinkle with black cumin, garnish with whole peas and fresh mint.

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