Blue-and-floral embroidery pouch

Cosmetic bag with blue and floral embroideryis a great gift for your girlfriend. To enhance your impression, put a perfume bottle, mascara or lipstick inside.


Step 1

Cutting fabric

First, open the Evenweave fabric with embroidery so that it is 18x23.5 cm in size - this is the front part of the cosmetic bag. Make sure the design is centered over the long edge of the fabric.

Remove the following parts from the lining fabric:

Front: 18x23.5 cm.

Rear end: 18x23.5 cm.

Edging: two strips of 5x20 cm.

Zip fastening

Put one piece of lining fabric face-down on the wrong side of the &zipper» so that the edges are matched, and sew so as to cover the cloves.

Zagnitedetal lining so that you can see the zipper, then put another part of the lining face down on the other side of the zipper and sew in the same way.

Put the "zipper" face up - that is, so that the lining is turned upside down.Place the front part of the Evenweave fabric on the back side of the fabric with the zipper facing so that the edges match and sew them together.

Repeat the process with a fabric back piece  

Combining the details of a cosmetic bag

Fold the two details of the lining face-to-face and sew on the bottom edge, leaving the allowance for the seam of 1.5 cm.

Similarly, treat the lower edges of the two Evenweave fabric.

Thread the lining inside the bag and sew all four layers together as close as possible to one of the edges.

Similarly, treat the other edge of the cosmetic bag.

Edging of the sides

Fasten the side edges with piping.

To do this, put one strip of piping face to face on the side of the cosmetic bag so that the raw edges match. Fold the short edges inward so that they close with the top and bottom edges of the bag. Sew, leaving the allowance for the seam of 1.5 cm.

Fold the edge of the piping on the inside of the bag, then bend the other long edge of the strip to hide the seam and sew it in a secret seam. To make the handbag neat, sew up the short edges with a secret seam.

Similarly, collect the other side of the cosmetic bag. Now you can unzip the "zipper" and put the necessary things inside.

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