Bodyagi masks - the secrets of youth

Pigment mask with body mask
To get rid of age spots will help powdered bodyaga, mixed with black, white or blue clay (select the type of skin) and boiled water - 5 g of each component. Mix everything thoroughly. Apply a homogeneous mass with light movements on the face area. Rinse gently with plain water after 13 minutes.
Face Wrinkle Mask
To tighten the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles, you can use this mask. Take an equal amount of dry-water sponge, bodyleg in the form of a gel - it can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy. Mix everything and add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. There will be a reaction - the mixture will foam, after the termination of the reaction, the resulting, non-hissing, mass is put on the face and left for 8 minutes. Then clean the skin with wet cotton pads and wash with cool water.
Body acne mask
To get rid of acne and smooth the scars from them will help mask with boric acid.Take 2.5 g of boric acid, mix with 1.5 teaspoons of dry bodyagi and the same amount of strong chamomile decoction. Grate the problem areas with the resulting gruel and leave for 15-18 minutes, rinse with plenty of boiled water.
However, for absolutely all body masks there are a number of rules that it is better not to break.

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