A bouquet of newspaper flowers

Putting together a beautifulbouquet of newspaper flowers.

Materials and tools:

  1. newspaper;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue gun;
  4. tape;
  5. flower wire.

Step 1

Cut a circle from a sheet of paper with a diameter of 20-30 cm. Then we cut the circumference with scissors in a spiral, the width of a strip is 2-2.5 cm.

Starting from the outer edge, we begin to fold the flower bud. So we continue to turn until we get to the central part. When finished folding minimize the bud and give it shape.

We drip some adhesives from the hot-melt gun on the central part of the strip and glue the bud.

Step 2

It remains to make the stem. Take the floral wire and fold one end.

We drip glue from the bottom of the bud, glue the folded end of the wire and glue a small piece of newspaper on top.

Step 3

Repeating these steps, we still make the right amount of colors. Then we collect them in a bouquet and tie the stems with floral wire.

Finally, we will decorate the stem by wrapping it with a ribbon.

All,a bouquet of newspaper flowersis ready.

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