Bracelet - stylish metal

In the arsenal of every fashionable woman should be an accessory that combines brutality and elegance. Typically, this effect can be achieved by mixing coarse elements, such as leather or metal, with light materials and beads. One of them is this bracelet. To create it, I needed metal hollow tubes, narrow satin ribbon, wire, scissors, beads and fittings for fixing the lock.
 For a bracelet
I accidentally saw my metal pipes in handicraft shop. For some reason they liked me, although I had absolutely no idea where to apply them.
 metal tubes
The first step is to measure a piece of wire approximately equal to 70 cm. On you need to thread one in the middle.
 thread one tube
Now, we thread one bead on each tail.
 string onone bead
Fix the link better in this way.
Pin the link
For this we thread the ends of the wire through the tube to meet each other. The result is a link here.
 is a link
I had to make 23 links for a bracelet on my wrist.
 I had to make 23 links
So that I don’t disperse the wire while wearing, hide the remaining ends, passing them along the reverse route into several links.
wire has not parted
Well, half the work has been done.
>img src="" alt="on the return route" title="on the return route">
Getting Started. To begin with, when Pliers help us to fix two ringlet from the metal chain and the carbine to the extreme edges.
 half the work done
It is important to pay attention to the position of the hook.That it does not cause inconvenience, it is better to arrange it so. -karabin.jpg "alt =" carbine "title =" carbine ">
Begin to twist the ribbon. To do this, we tie a ribbon to a single corner in a single corner.
 arrange this way
Now let the tape through the tubes in this way.
 Begin to braid with tape
Reaching the other end, I wrapped the ribbon in two cuts on the outer tube and moved in the opposite direction. Having finished the turn, we tie another knot.  double knot ribbon Near the middle of the bracelet, on one of the tubes tie a small piece of tape with a bow, .
 tying another knot
In the end, it turned out like this.
 we tie a small length of ribbon
The accessory is ready.
 fusing the ends with a cigarette lighter
Stylish metal bracelet

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