Brad Pitt responded to the accusations of Angelina Jolie in non-payment of alimony

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from this week more and more begins to resemble the melodrama "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Former spouses staged a mutual altercation and do not seem to stop. Recall that everything began on Wednesday, August 8, when Angelina's lawyers accused Brad of not paying child support, and promised to bring him to justice in court.

Today, August 9, Brad’s lawyers denied the charges, calling them false, and assured that since September 2016, their client had paid the former wife about $ 9 million: he lent $ 8 million to Angelina to buy a new house, and paid her bills for the amount of 1 3 million dollars. According to the lawyers, the former spouse received a larger amount than the one she originally expected, and is simply trying to manipulate the opinion of the court in order to win custody of the children.

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