Brave: stars who gave birth without anesthesia asked which celebrities weren't afraid of the pain that legends are about.

Stars that gave birth naturally, not so much. In the West, doctors often “prescribe” women who have a cesarean section - they are simply reinsured. Many celebrities, such as Britney Spears, are so afraid of pain that they themselves insist on an operation. Even fewer such stars, which not only went naturally, but also refused painkillers - but we found them for you.

Of course, some celebrities then do not want to admit that the experience was not the best, and still claim that they do not regret their own decision. But when childbirth lasts more than 15 hours (as, for example, with Christina Applegate), then one can somewhat doubt their sincerity - after all, to experience severe pain during such a time is a very doubtful pleasure. But at the same time, we all understand - this is not simple pain, it is caused by the process of the birth of a new life.In addition, there is such a property in the human mind: the pain is forgotten over time, but the good is remembered. Especially if it is good agukka, takes the first step or smiles happily when you look into the crib.


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“The birth of my daughter was an emotional and very peaceful experience, as if I was in paradise,” Beyonce described the birth of Blue Ivy. - She was born naturally, which was the best experience in my life. Of course, it was painful, but it seemed to me that I had no right to press my daughter to my breast without experiencing the pangs of procreation. ”

But the second birth was not so smooth. Beyonce had to do a cesarean section, as is often the case with multiple pregnancies.

“Both I and the children almost died. For a month I could not get out of bed. When I was recovering, I became a vegan for some time, refused coffee and fruit drinks, ”said the mother of a large family in an interview with Vogue.

Miranda Kerr

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When Flynn's son was born, Victoria’s Secret angel chose drug-free labor because she wanted to breastfeed her baby right after them. But then she somewhat regretted her decision.

“I thought I was going to die,” the supermodel admitted in an interview. - The pain was so strong that it seemed to me that I came out of the body and saw myself from the side. I'm not sure that I will decide to go through this again. ”

Gisele bündchen

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Model admitted that at the time of the birth of the child she was not hurt at all. “I gave birth in a bathroom full of water,” the supermodel shared in an interview. - I wanted to remember every moment, so I refused painkillers, but I was well prepared for childbirth through yoga and meditation. So everything went as calmly and comfortably as possible - it didn’t hurt at all. ”

Nicole Richie

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The actress and socialite even though she had a daughter, Harlow, did not use painkillers, but it was not easy for her. She had such a fear of pain that Nicole was rumored to even turn to a hypnologist for help. Maternity eventually helped the actress streamline her own life - a couple of years before the pregnancy, she was detained by the police for driving under the influence of drugs, but after the birth of her child Nicole was no longer the heroine of the scandalous chronicle.

Eva Amurri


Daughter Susan Sarandon chose home childbirth.Along with her were her husband, Doula, and the photographer, who captured the whole process from beginning to end. And Eva then set out her own feelings on her website, urging moms to give birth and not be afraid of anything. In her opinion, you need to give your body to do what it already instinctively knows how to do. This conclusion Eve came after the first experience of childbirth, which lasted 36 hours.

“In the hospital, nobody was in touch with me,” the actress complained.

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