Breast cancer: what it looks like

According to statistics, breast cancer is considered one of the most common types of oncology. It occurs mainly in women, but, oddly enough, in men too. Every hundredth patient is a representative of the stronger sex. In total, there are several types of malignant tumors, the primary dislocation of which is the mammary gland, the most common of which is the adenocarcinoma of the milky ducts.
Breast cancer cannot be seen, at least in the early stage, but it can be felt. In this way, the tumor is found most often. Suddenly a seal or a hard knot is found in one of the breasts, and if this happens, you cannot hesitate for a minute. It’s not even the fact that timely initiated treatment significantly increases the chances of recovery, but that not all compaction is cancer. It may well be an ordinary cyst or a tumor, but benign. And until the correct diagnosis is established, life will turn into hell.Nothing depresses the psyche so much as uncertainty. The longer the patient will run away from reality, the greater will be the moral, and in case the tumor turns out to be malignant, and the physiological destruction in the body. By the way, it is best to examine the breasts for the presence of seals in the first half of the menstrual cycle; it is during this period that the tissues are softer and the formation makes it easier to detect yourself.
It is possible to suspect the presence of a tumor in the chest by changing the skin. If an inexplicable redness appears on it, accompanied by the skin being drawn inward, you should immediately contact a medical institution. Especially if the nipple was involved in the affected area.
Not all women can boast of an absolutely symmetrical breast, slight asymmetry is quite normal, if it is observed throughout life. But if one breast suddenly became larger than the other and the difference continues to increase, on the basis of this symptom, the doctor may well suspect the presence of a tumor. Most often, such a tumor is benign, but it may well be malignant.
Discharge from the breast is normal only if the woman feeds the child, recently completed it, or at least preparing to become a mother. In all other cases, the emergence of fluid from the nipple when it is squeezed, or should spontaneously become an alarming symptom. Especially if blood or pus is secreted from the breast along with the fluid.

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