Bright and warm plaid

A bright and warm plaid, made by own hands, will decorate the interior and will be a terrific gift for a loved one. To tie such a blanket is not difficult even for a beginner. The main thing is to show a little patience.
 Bright and warm blanket
So, in order to knit this colorful crocheted blanket, you need to own only two technicians knitting - air loop and double crochet, which we will later refer to as VP and SN 1. Recruiting 10 VP
 Bright and Warm Plaid
2. Next, you need to close the ring, tying the first loop into the last one. We knit 2 more VPs
 Bright and Warm Plaid
3. We knit 2 S.N. in a ring of air loops. Making another 2 V.P. Using the same algorithm, we knit three more times, but instead of 2 S.N. knit 3 S.N. The result should be a square of 4 columns of 3 S.N. and 4 arches of 2 V.P.
 Bright and warm plaid
4 . Add a second color, knitting a loop through the arch with the VP previous color.We continue further according to the previous scheme - 2 V.P., 2 S.N., 2 V.P., 3 S.N., 2 V.P., + 3 S.N. in the same loop. That is, in one arch of the air loops of the previous color, we should have 2 columns of 3 SN each. So you’ll get a square, which will become the shape of the future rug. Close the ring and continue to add new colors, tying the square on the same scheme.

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