Brother drunk, what to do?

My brother got married and moved with his wife to live in Kiev. Recently, she began to complain that he was drinking a lot and became aggressive. Our grandfather was an avid drinker too. I'm afraid the brother will follow in his footsteps. How to help him?
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Answered on February 28 19:13
If he started drinking suddenly, he may have problems with his family or at work. And he is trying to distract himself from them. Try talking to him. This may be caused by a psychological problem.
Answered on February 28 22:27
My husband can drink a bottle of beer every day, but he does not consider it alcoholism. One plus is that it behaves adequately, but I am afraid that all this will not end with beer. I want to take him to a narcologist, but he refuses. I will not drag him by force
Uneven Inga
Uneven Inga
Answered on March 1 23:57
And you did not think about going through the coding of alcohol, you can find out the price by calling the numbers listed on the site. You may have to do this forcibly, because most of these patients do not wish to be treated.

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