Brown-blue set - crochet mittens, hat, scarf and leggings

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% wool; 90m / 50g) 50 grams of blue, white and brown for mittens and gaiters;
  2. yarn (100% wool; 90m / 50g) 100 grams of blue and 50 grams of white and brown for the cap;
  3. yarn (100% wool, 90m / 50gr) for 150 grams of blue, white and brown for a scarf
  4. hook number 5.


  1. vozd. n. - air loop
  2. Art. b / n - column without nakida
  3. comp. Art. - connection column

Pattern Description

Main pattern:Art. b / n knit in a spiral, that is, after the 1st circular series, the 1st loop of the 2nd circular series is executed directly in the

The first loop of the 1st circular series. The hook is permanently inserted only behind the rear wall of the loop of the previous circular row / spiral.

Braided pattern with an odd number of loops: knit according to the scheme. We start from the loops before the rapport, repeat constantly repeat, end with loops after the rapport. 1-7th p. perform 1 time, then constantly repeat the 2-7th series.The letters represent the colors of the threads. When knitting in circular rows, rapport is constantly repeated, and each circular row begins with 1 additional breath. p., finish 1 connection Art. in the 1st loop.

Knitting density:12 n x 14 p = 10 x 10 cm, is bound by the main pattern.

Sizes:mittens - 7/8, cap - 52-54 cm, scarf 23 x 190 cm, leggings - 26 x 35 cm (girth).

Knitting description


Start knitting with the basics of knitting crochet mitts (basic course).

Right mitt

Stage 1: we knit the upper part of the brown thread with the main pattern, increasing the number of loops to 24;

Stage 2: after 7 cm from the initial row we knit further with a woven pattern, after 11 cm from the initial row we knit the jumper of the thumb = 26 loops;

Stage 3: with a brown thread, we increase the number of loops for the thumb to 10. Through 4.5 cm from the initial row we knit the jumper of the thumb = 12 loops. Then we tie all the loops with a woven pattern and, accordingly, we perform a reduction for the thumb thumb = 34 loops. On the remaining loops, we continue to knit according to the pattern, while for the wedge of the thumb we perform a 5-fold reduction in each circle in the row;

Stage 4: next, we knit a brown thread with the main pattern of the cuff on the remaining 24 loops and after 7 cm from the beginning of the cuff we finish the work.

Mittens assembly

We seam the transition of the thumb to the inside of the mitten with the end of the thumb thread.

Left Mitten

We knit like a right mitten.


We execute the blue thread without tightening the initial chain of 64 years. p., closes it in a ring with 1 conn. Art. and knit wicker pattern. After 12 circular rows from the initial row we knit a blue thread with the main pattern, while in the 1st circular row, evenly distributing, add 8 loops = 72 loops. Through 12 circular rows / spirals from the beginning of the blue area in the next circular row / spiral, we knit together each 8th and 9th loop = 64 loops. In the next 2 nd circular row / spiral we knit together every 7th and 8th loop = 56 loops. At the end, we subtract 6 more loops in each next circular row / helix by 6 loops. The remaining 8 loops tighten the working thread and carefully sew it.


Brown thread perform the initial chain of 27 air. p., knit 190 cm braided pattern and finish the work.

Build a scarf

A scarf is tied around the contour with a brown thread in one circular row of st. b / n, at the same time to give shape to perform in the corners of 3 tbsp. b / n on 1 loop of the base.


The brown thread is the initial chain of 42 air. p., closes it in a ring with 1 conn. Art. and knit a wicker pattern, with the 1st circular row knitting with a brown thread and after each circular row we change, respectively, the color of the thread. After 26 cm from the initial row, finish, if possible, 1 round-robin row with a brown thread.

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