Bulk felt felt snowflake

White, sparkling, openwork and wonderfully symmetrical snowflake always attracted the views of children and adults. She is so beautiful that people try to repeat it in a wide variety of materials. Paper snowflakes make children of all ages. Glassblowers create unique Christmas decorations in the form of snowflakes. It turns out that you can make a snowflake out of felt. This material resembles snow in its fluffy structure. And if you embroider the surface of each ray with glass beads, the snowflake will shine in the light of the garland, like a real one.

 Volumetric felt snowflake
 Bulk snowflake from felt
  • felt –1sheet;
  • glass beads;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • synthetic winterizer .
1. We cut a hexagonal snowflake out of waste paper.
 Bulk snowflake from felt
2. We lay it on a sheet of white felt.
 Volumetric snowflake from felt
3.We will draw it. It's very convenient to do this with a pen. Pencil draws on the felt is very bad.
 Bulk felt snowflake
4.We cut out of felt two blanks in the shape of snowflakes.
 Bulk snowflake from etra
5. Decorate the center and the edges of the snowflake with glass beads and sequins.
 Volumetric snowflake from felt
6.With white threads we sew together two snowflakes. We do this with overstitching seam.
 Snowflake from felt
7. As we move the seam we put the sintepon. Fill them every ray of snowflakes. At the end we put a piece of sintepon and in the middle.
 Volumetric felt snowflake
Tip: If you sew a ribbon to one of the rays, you can use a felt snowflake as a Christmas tree toy. And you can glue it with double-sided tape to the glass or the front door.
 Volumetric snowflake from felt

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