Bunny toy with embroidery

Toy Bunny with embroideryis a simple and cute toy bunny with embroidery, which can be used as an antistress toy, to please the child and much more.


Step 1

When finished embroidering, cut out the ears, leaving a stock of fabric of 1 cm on all sides. Open two lining pieces of the same shape and size. Laying them together, sew them, leaving a hole at the bottom. Turn on the face.

Cut out the rabbit's embroidered torso, leaving a 1 cm fabric supply on all sides. Open a piece of lining fabric of the same shape and size. Putting them face to face, pin them off, putting your ears between two layers.

Shoot, leaving a hole in the bottom for eversion. Turn the product on the face. Fill the rabbit's body with filler and sew the hole with a secret stitch.

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