Bunny with blue ears

Many of us are fond of making toys for their children. Our today's article is dedicated just to such craftswomen. So, in order to make a cute little hare with blue ears, let's take the following:
  • a piece of white artificial fabric with a nap;
  • thread, scissors and needle;
  • glue and beads for the eyes;
  • filler;
  • a little blue yarn.
Consider the upcoming work in stages. But first we will admire the finished bunny.
 bunny with blue ears
Stage one: head The head of our bunny will be made of 4 parts: two facial and two occipital . Before us in the picture are the details of the front.
 bunny with blue ears
And these are the details of the head.
 zai chik with blue ears
Cut the pattern out of paper, put it on the fabric, cut it and then cut it out.Then we perform the stitching: first, the facial parts, and then the occipital. After we fill the head with holofiber and sew the lower hole.
 bunny with blue ears
Stage two: bodyThe body is made of two parts. These parts are stitched, the body is stuffed with filler and the following is obtained.
 bunny with blue ears
Then the head is sewn onto our body.
 bunny with blue ears
Stage three: limbs Now we will begin to make limbs of the lynx. First are the front legs. To make them, they are sewn together in two parts and filled with holofiber.
 bunny with blue ears
Then the details of the legs are cut from the fabric (4 parts, two for each leg). These details are shown in the picture.
 blue-eared bunny
Now we have to take strings of blue in order to knit the bottom of our foot to our bunny.These feet are shown in the picture.
 bunny with blue ears
Stage four: ears Ears are the main decoration of our little handsome. Therefore, to make them, we take white fabric and threads to tie the inner part of the ear.
 blue-eared bunny
Step five: sew the parts Start sewing our product . First, sew to the body, as shown in the picture.
 blue-eared bunny
Then sew and legs.
bunny with blue ears The little darling is almost ready, only beautiful and long ears are left to sew, which we do.
 bunny with blue ears
And now the case remains generally small: we glue black eyes to the face of our beast, we embroider it with blue threads on our nose and we also tie a blue bow. Look, well, hasn't our baby turned out good? !
bunny withblue ears
Simply poured a dandy in a hare form. And here it is only on another background.
bunny with blue ears You can do the same cute animal for your child with success.

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