Call Detailing Megaphone. Why is it needed and how to do it

The printout is also called call detailing. It will help not only to consider its expenses as a connection, but also will help in cases where the amount was unexpectedly and incomprehensibly written off from the account. Cost control can be performed at the Megafon operator using the “Billing” procedure. It will show the subscriber what funds and on what day they were credited to the account and debited from it in a certain predetermined period. There are 2 ways to order call detailing: at service centers and with the help of a special service through a personal account.
When printing calls to Megafon in the service center, you will need to have a passport or other identity document with you. In the Megafon office, the consultant will need to provide a document, say a phone number and ask for details in a certain period of time.
In the online service you can order a detail without leaving your home. To do this, go to the site and enter your phone number to determine the region. The number is entered without a country code.
When you first log in, you need to request a password. It can be received by SMS or by mail. The second option is possible if you have already logged into the “Service Guide” and tied email to your number. After that, you must enter the received password in a special window and enter.
In the side panel of the screen you will see the “Personal Account” tab, where there is a “Call Detail” subsection. In it, and you need to go.
In the new window, you need to enter the amount of time that we need to print the megaphone calls. Then choose the format of the data. It can be one of 3: html, pdf or xls. And enter the e-mail where the letter will come with a printout of calls. By clicking the "Order" button, you can go to your mail. There should already come a letter with details.

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