Calvados - what is it?

Calvados is called the "sun of Normandy", liquid amber and put on a par with the best cognacs in the world. He can be found in the kitchen of every French chef. And yet in the world it is not as common as in the homeland, however, the French explain it simply: only cognac is exported, and Calvados is better for yourself. What is Calvados and how to get it?

How to cook Calvados

Calvados - what is it and how is it prepared? Calvados is an apple aperitif, with a strength of about 40 degrees. Calvados is considered the only wine made in Normandy, everything that is made outside the province is called apple brandy. Normandy is generally famous for its ideal climate for apple orchards: 150 varieties of apples are grown here. And already from the combination of varieties of different taste characteristics, a unique bouquet of amber drink Calvados is born.

Apples for calvados are harvested in the fall, the main difference from other wines is natural fermentation, as a result of which apple juice turns into cider. Then the next Calvados is distilled, aged in oak barrels, which give it an amber tint, and finally blending.

A young calvados wine is aged with up to two years, characterized by a bright aroma and taste of fresh apples and golden yellow color. Calvados aged for four years is called V.S.O.P., its color is dark golden, and oak notes appear in the bouquet. Mature Calvados, aged for 10 years, can take on a light ruby ​​color, and a bouquet can play in a variety of hues from vanilla, coffee, chocolate to roasted almonds. Mature calvados with a rich aftertaste can be served.

Wine etiquette

So, you bought Calvados, how to drink this aperitif, with what to serve? Calvados is recommended to slowly sip slowly, stretching the glass for 40 minutes. Then the amber heat of this divine drink is poured over the body gradually. Young Calvados drink with ice or tonic in the ratio of 1: 3. Calvados is served in the middle of the meal, as there is no better way to speed up digestion.

Before taking Calvados, it is customary to take a short break in food, since it is rarely combined with anything. Ordinary snacks are not suitable here, but if you have spicy Norman cheese, suppose Camembert or Livaro, then the best snack is simply not found.

Calvados is served in small glasses of tulip form, at least in Normandy.But if you try to pour it into a cognac glass, the sensation of the fortress will double, and the aroma will become more coarse. But if done correctly, you can appreciate the rich taste and deep amber color. Calvados is generally gastronomic, it is used in cocktails, as part of dishes, sauces, snacks, it bakes poultry, fish and red meat. Drink Calvados perennial exposure is recommended to serve, and the young Calvados used in cooking. Calvados is a popular wine for the simple reason that even many writers often use it in the dialogue of their characters.

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