Camengo wallpapers: review of the brand

The French company Camengo is a subsidiary of the famous European factory. The company produces curtains, accessories and various decor elements. More recently, the brand began to produce themed collections of wallpaper for the walls, the main focus of the design is on the uniqueness, elegance and, as in the French, pleasant colors are inherent.

Camengo wallpapers are mostly characterized by the presence of home designs, which are suitable not only for decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, but also for a children's room or country house in a provincial style.

The usual dimensions and light weight of the rolls will allow even a beginner to glue over the canvases, but the walls should be given a perfectly flat surface before finishing, otherwise the seams are unavoidable. Caring for coatings is very simple, the consumer from time to time will just need to remove the dust with a soft brush, and the lifetime will be about seven years. All products have a protective layer, which is why Camengo wall-paper is durable and does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

The pricing policy of the brand is designed for the average buyer, that is, residents of the capital like Kiev and other major cities will not suffer significant losses. Among the shortcomings, we can note the lack of a warehouse program, while the company is gaining momentum, it is necessary to make a purchase for the order and wait for the parcel for about two weeks.

Camengo Wallpaper Design

The color palette is harmonious, in catalogs you can often find such neutral colors as light pink, white, beige, gray, as well as bright but unobtrusive colors of red, green, blue and their shades.

There is a large selection of classic ornaments, such as vertical stripes, rosettes, floral and floral designs, as well as modern prints such as wavy lines, diamonds, honeycombs, mosaics.

The texture is smooth and the products are smooth to the touch, including monophonic variants, which is a rarity these days.

So, completing the review we can conclude that the wallpaper Camengo is a good alternative to low-cost European brands, but not yet gained high popularity. Exclusive design, easy gluing procedure and wide application possibilities give additional advantages.But if you search well, then you can find a replacement in the wallpaper market, which you will not need to wait for weeks to mess around for a warehouse and delivery.

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