Can fondue be sweet

Traditional fondue is a special hot sauce made of cheese, wine and seasonings. It is believed that the dish was invented by Swiss shepherds so that dried up products would not be wasted. In a nourishing brew you could dunk bread and keep warm for long nights. Over time, the recipe moved from poor kitchens to rich houses. Since then, cooks place high demands on their original products: only high-quality cheeses, fresh bread, and certain varieties of wine. The ritual of making fondue quickly fell in love with many guests of Switzerland and spread around the world, and along the way he crossed with the culinary traditions of other countries.
Dishes, the eating of which involves dipping pieces of any products in hot sauce, have long existed among different nations. For example, in Italy, poultry and shrimp are eaten with a mixture of melted cheese and egg yolks. And vegetables are dipped for a few seconds in butter, boiled with ansovies and garlic. The nomads of the East traditionally boiled a thick broth of lamb and then ate the meat with a thick broth.In China, this tradition has transformed over the centuries: finished noodles, dumplings, seafood, eggs and fresh vegetables are poured with hot broth and eaten, catching with chopsticks.
All these options allowed cooks in the middle of the twentieth century to fantasize about the classic fondue and create its sweet variety. The melting point of its main ingredient, chocolate, is low. So the bowl for dessert fondue can be heated not on a bonfire or burner, but on a simple candle. Hence the name of the dish is “fondue tableron”, that is, cooked on a tablet candle. It is served with fruits, berries, cookies, and washed down with champagne or sweet liqueurs.
Today there are lots of recipes for sweet fondue. For him use milk, bitter, white chocolate or make their mixture. For new flavors, you can add seasonings, berry syrups, cream, liqueurs. An interesting result is a mixture of white chocolate and coconut milk with vanilla. Cooks invented even caramel fondue. For him, sugar is first melted, and then thick cream and flavors are introduced into the caramel. Fans of marshmallows melt this marshmallow with milk or cream with water.Instead of chocolate, they take chocolate paste. And those who consider chocolate harmful, prepare fondue even from fruit. For this, apple or banana puree is boiled with milk and seasonings until soft, sometimes butter and sugar are added. A dip in this mixture can be sponge or cupcakes.

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