Can I drink red wine during pregnancy

Opinions of doctors and scientists about whether pregnant women can eat red wine, vary. According to some, wine for women in the position is a poison, leading to irreversible consequences for the fetus. The opinions of others are less categorical, unless, of course, this is not about the uncontrolled use of wine.
With excessive consumption of the drink there is a risk of problems in the physical, intellectual and psychological development of the child. External deformities and pathological development of internal organs can be distinguished from possible physical abnormalities. There is a possibility of disturbances in the formation of the nervous system. These moments are explained by the content in alcoholic beverages, including red wine, ethanol, which is able to penetrate the fetal blood through the placenta.
Alcohol is especially dangerous in the first two trimesters.It is during this period that the formation of all systems and organs of the child occurs. Up to 16 weeks worth refusing alcohol in general.
After the aforementioned term, in the opinion of some scientists, a glass of wine or cahors becomes permissible in the diet of a pregnant woman, but under certain conditions. The amount of wine consumed should not exceed 100 ml. Wine while you can dilute the table with non-carbonated water. The drink must be of high quality.
There are proponents of the position that red wine can help solve the problem of toxemia and low hemoglobin in pregnancy. As for the first, this drink in small doses (a tablespoon) really helps to reduce nausea and increase appetite. As for the second, the wine actually contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, selenium, zinc, copper and dietary supplements. However, it is worth noting that there are many products that contribute to the increase in hemoglobin and do not contain alcohol. This may be meat, parsley, eggs, buckwheat, bananas, sunflower seeds, wild rose, pomegranate juice.And what exactly will a woman increase hemoglobin, it is up to her to decide. The only question is whether it makes sense to endanger the fetus.
Thanks to modern research, a point of view has emerged, according to which wine in a position for women is not only possible but also useful.

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