Candy Basket

A candy basket will be an excellent gift for a loved one. Flowers will never fade, and the sweet contents can be eaten. The usual bouquet will quickly fade and will not leave memories about itself, and the composition in the technique of suites design will please its owner for a long time. For its production does not need super skills or complex materials. Anyone can make a candy basket. Prepare such materials: - basket; - candy; - foam; - copper wire, stationery knife, scissors, toothpicks; - glue gun; - artificial flowers; - corrugated paper; - ribbons, beads, decor. First you need to fill the basket with foam plastic. Circle the bottom of the foam basket and cut the circle with a stationery knife. Before filling the basket, do not forget to wrap the base with corrugated paper in the tone of the basket so that the foam does not shine through the seams. Also close the top of the base.
 fill the foam basket
close the top of the base
To attach the" tails "of sweets to the toothpicks.  glue toothpicks Cut out a rectangle from corrugated paper (be guided by the sizes candy), fold in half and smoothly cut the edges. Tightly wrap the candy, forming a bud, and fasten with a wire.
wrap candy
To make the petals you need to form the workpiece: cut out a rectangle with dimensions 5 by 4 cm (roughly) from the paper. Make sure that the grooves of the paper always go vertically. Then fold the workpiece in half and smoothly cut the edges.
 Cut a rectangle
 form blanks
Gently stretch the middle of the petal so that the petal is voluminous.
form blanks
Glue the petals overlap to each other.
 wrap the candy
wrap candy
 wrap the candy
Fix the flower in the center of the basket.

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