Christmas Eve Forever Candy

In our family there is one very good tradition associated with the Christmas holidays. Relatives go all night to visit each other on the night before Christmas, exchange gifts, caroling. Recently, we began to meet guests with various surprises with predictions. This year everything was done very simply and quickly in the form of magic candies. Such predictions are easy and fun tinkering with children. All you need is: 1. Delicious and beautiful candy. 2. Bands for dressing. 3. Crepe paper. 4. Scissors. 5. New Year's predictions (in print or in writing).
 Candy with predictions
First, prepare the predictions. The easiest way to find them on the Internet and print. You can write by hand, so it will be more heartfelt and more pleasant. Predictions can be in a comic form, in verse or prose.You can even compose them yourself, if fantasy allows! To make one candy with a prediction, we cut off a rectangle from the crepe paper by eye, be guided by the size of your candy, and also by how you want to wrap. You can wrap the candy completely, but you can slightly leave the candy wrappers hanging around the sides. Fold out the prediction and cut off two pieces of braid 10 cm.
 Candy with predictions
We apply the prediction to a candy and wrap it in paper, we tie it with two sides and with scissors we make the braid in beautiful curls!
Candy with predictions
 Candy with predictions
Do the same with the rest of sweets. We put all the candies in a box. Now all the relatives and friends who come to visit you will be able to choose a wonderful candy with a kind and cheerful prediction for next year!  Candy with predictions

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