A cap with knitting needles

Knit a beautiful wintercap with deer for women and men.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 65m / 50g) 100 g white and 100 g burgundy (blue);
  2. Socks spokes number 5 and number 5.5-6.

Pattern Description

Eraser 2x2: alternately knit 2 persons. n and 2 int. p.

The front surface: with circular knitting only persons. loops.

Density of knitting: 16p x 18r persons. stitch on the needles number 6 = 10x10 cm

Finished product size: 54 cm head circumference

Knitting description

A burgundy / blue thread on thinner needles we collect 88 loops, evenly distribute the loops into 4 needles. We knit round rubber band 2x2 12/16 cm. Then we knit 1 row of faces. loops, uniformly adding 8 loops = 96 loops. Then we change the needles to thicker ones and knit 2 more rows with a white thread of faces. satin stitch. Next, we begin to knit a pattern according to the scheme, repeating 16 loops of rapport 6 times in width. We knit the 1st to 18th rows of the scheme. Next, knit a white thread 2 rows straight.

Then we begin to perform decreases as follows: 1st row with additions knit * 10 people. p., 2 p. together persons. * repeat * - * 7 times = 88 loops. We knit 1 row without decrease.2-nd row with a decrease in knitting * 9 persons. p., 2 p. together of persons. * repeat * - * 7 times = 80 loops. We knit 1 row without decrease. 3rd row with reduction of knitting * 8 persons. p., 2 p. together persons. * repeat * - * 7 times = 72 loops. We knit 1 row without decrease. We continue to perform reductions in the same places in every 2nd row until there are 8 loops on each spoke.

Next, perform such reductions in each row until just 16 loops remain on the spokes. We cut the thread, end of the thread we drag the remaining loops and fasten. We make a pompom with a diameter of 7 cm from multicolored yarn and sew it on the top of the cap.

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