Care tips for room araucaria

Who does not like New Year? On this day, an atmosphere of joy and fun reigns in the house, and the air is filled with the pine aroma of the main decoration of this celebration. This, of course, is about the New Year tree. But sooner or later the holiday ends, and with it disappears this pleasant freshness exuded by this little tree.

If you want your home to always be filled with a pleasant pine aroma, then get yourself a room araucaria. This is the only coniferous evergreen plant that can be grown at home.

Araucaria, or, as it is also called, room spruce is a small coniferous tree with an erect trunk and horizontally located branches, which are densely dotted with bright green needles up to 5 cm long. This indoor plant can reach 1.5 meters in height, therefore more often just it is grown in greenhouses. But if you want to make Araucaria at home, then in order to slow the growth of this tree, it must be kept in a close pot and very rarely replant.

In nature, this plant grows in Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk, New Guinea, Argentina and Chile. The whole family of Araucaria includes 14 species. At home you can grow only a few species. The most popular of them are: Araucaria variegated, Brazilian araucaria, Chilean araucaria, Cook araucaria and Cunningham araucaria.

How to care for Araucaria?

Care for this conifer tree at home is quite simple. All you have to do is follow certain rules.

Temperature conditions

Perhaps, one of the basic conditions for growing araucaria is the right temperature in the room. Like all conifers, this plant prefers coolness. It feels great at a temperature of + 10º ... + 12ºС.

It is very important that in winter time, the temperature in the room where Araucaria is located does not exceed + 16ºС, since otherwise its needles begin to turn yellow and fall off. In summer, the permissible temperature is + 20 ° C, while the pot with the plant can be taken out to the street. Only it is necessary to take care of this indoor tree standing somewhere in the shade or under a canopy.

Air humidity

Araucaria does not like when the air in the room is very dry. This is immediately reflected in its appearance: the branches descend, and the needles begin to turn yellow and fall. Therefore, in the winter, it is better to keep the tree away from the radiators, and at the same time it must be sprinkled with water several times a day.


If you want araucaria grow well, it is best to place it in a room with windows facing north or east. She prefers bright diffused light, but she does not tolerate direct sunlight. In order for the branches of Araucaria to grow evenly on all sides, the plant pot once a week should be rotated 90 ° around its axis.


Indoor spruce should be regularly watered with standing water, but it should not stagnate in the pot, otherwise the roots may rot. In the spring and summer you need to ensure that the earthen room does not dry out. During this period, the plant should be watered more often. But in the winter, especially if Araucaria is in a cool room, watering should be moderate.

Additional fertilizing

Feed room spruce need only in the spring and summer, 2 times a month.To do this, it is best to use complex mineral fertilizers with a low content of calcium, as it slows down the growth of the plant. And for araucaria, you need 2 times less fertilizer than for other indoor flowers. In autumn and winter, it is generally not worth feeding.


It is necessary to replant a conifer tree every 4-5 years, since it does not tolerate a transplant. This is best done in March or April. In this case, be sure to ensure that the roots are not damaged. The plant must be removed from the pot along with an earthy clod and gently put it on the drainage layer in the new pot. After that, you need to fill it with a new earth.

The important point is that the plant in a new pot should be placed at the same height as in the old pot. Strong deepening can lead to his death. For the transplant, you need to use a soil consisting of leaf, peat, turf and sand (2: 2: 1: 1). Also a perfect mixture of clay-sod, hardwood and sand (2: 1: 0.5).


Araucaria breeds very poorly at home. But if you set such a goal, then you should know that you can grow it in two ways: from seeds or cuttings.

For reproduction, it is better to use freshly harvested seeds.They should be planted in sandy-peat ground, the surface of which should be covered with sphagnum moss. In order to improve the germination of roots, the soil must first be treated with phytohormone.

It is necessary to germinate seeds at a temperature of + 18º ... + 20ºС. The soil should be periodically moistened and ventilated. The first shoots may appear 2 weeks or 2 months after planting. And their rooting will take another 2 months.

When propagating by cuttings, woody lateral shoots or treetops are used, which are dried during the day after they are cut. Then cut off the resin and sprinkle with charcoal powder. After that, the stalk is planted in the soil of peat and sand, and cover with a jar. Contain it at a temperature of + 24º ... + 26ºС. The stalk must be regularly sprayed and ventilated. Rooting occurs somewhere in 2-4 months.

Difficulties in growing Araucaria

You need to be very careful with the tip of the araucaria, as its damage can lead to the fact that the plant stops growing at all.

Care must be taken to ensure that the earth in the pot does not dry out much, otherwise the needles can be sprinkled on the room spruce.

Fallen branches can be an indication that the room is very hot or in the pot there was an excess of moisture.

If the new shoots are too thin, then the plant lacks nutrition.

Araucaria is rarely damaged by pests. Most often it is: mealybug, aphid or specific pests of conifers. If you notice that the lower branches of the plant began to dry out, then this means that the root beetle was planted in the pot.

In general, Araucaria is very easy to care for. If you do everything correctly, then you can admire the Christmas tree all year round, and not just on New Year's photos. At the same time, you will save your money and nature, and in addition get a pleasant freshness in your home, as Araucaria very well purifies the air.

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