Carpets in the modern interior

Carpets have long been the pride of interiors, decorated in different styles. Not only buyers, but also designers, who do not miss the opportunity to use flooring in the design of offices, residential premises and public places, are showing increased interest in this type of coating.

Carpet tracks combine beauty and functionality!

This type of coverage perfectly complements the interior of the room, but at the same time performs an important function - protects the floor from mechanical damage, improves heat and sound insulation performance , and also keeps in itself dirt and dust.

At the moment, manufacturers offer a wide variety of versions in size, design, color and mode of production. These masterpieces of weaving art are created by machine and by hand. Models of machine work are made in different sizes, and the length is determined by the wishes of customers (the necessary length can be measured from a roll).Manual tracks are fixed in size (from 0.5 to 1.5 m in width, not more than 5 m in length).

Carpet Selection Criteria:

  • Composition - in places with high permeability, it is worth choosing products made of artificial materials that are resistant to various types of pollution. In the bedroom or living room area, you can pick up carpets in the online store, made of wool or silk.
  • Size - carefully measure the dimensions. If we are talking about the choice of coverage for the stairs or the corridor, then the width can be any - it is not necessary to choose a path “from wall to wall”. After all, in this case, there are small gaps.
  • Design - preference should be given to products that fit perfectly into the interior of the room where you plan to use the coating.
  • Cost - to purchase better products, for which, for example, seasonal discounts are offered. However, it is better to make purchases in trusted stores, rather than in spontaneous markets.

The use of carpet tracks is quite extensive. Therefore, when choosing it is also important to pay attention to the room in which the product will be used:

  • Bedroom - choose high-quality coatings from natural materials that are very pleasant to the touch.
  • Living room - the product must combine functionality, practicality and beautiful design.
  • Children's - in this case, special attention is paid to the material from which the product is made. As for the design, it is better for the children's room to choose bright colorful coatings that will not slip on the floor surface and are easy to clean.
  • Kitchen - as this room is highly mobile, the carpet should have high wear resistance, it is easy to clean, be practical and have a rubberized base.
  • Hallway or corridor - cheap tracks made of artificial materials are ideal here. It is desirable that the pile of the product was short, and the base - rubber.
  • Ladder - in view of high cross-country ability, it is advisable to choose lanes with low pile on the ladder, as well as such items that bend well and repeat the shape of the steps.

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