Casket - case for storing small items

Hello, dear visitors. Today I present to you an original casket - a case for storing small items that can be made by hand, from simple materials at hand. In it you can put items such as silver or gold chains, pendants, beads or beads, small decorative things for needlework. But, moreover, you can store earrings and rings there.
 Box case with own hands
To make such a case you will need: 1 ). The fabric (I took the inner fabric of a dark red color from my old jacket) for sewing the outside and the fabric of a different (orange) shade for the inside; 2). Cardboard paper; 3). Scissors, threads of suitable shades, needle; 4). Vata or batting; 5). Lightning; 6). Beads, pearls or a piece of fabric of a different color (for making a small decoration from the top.) 7) Glue, colored paper,compass.
materials for the casket
First we cut out of cardboard two identical very large circular figures, drawing them with a compass. However, inside each of these circles, it is necessary to draw another circle, a third smaller than the main figures in size. Jokes one of these circles to the fabric prepared for sewing two outer sides and folded in two, cut along the contour of the details. After that, cutting the cardboard sample in a circle drawn inside, also make two pieces of fabric prepared for the inner side:
 cut from cardboard
Now we sew details of the outer sides with cardboard circles:
 sew the details
A little bit not finished, fill the free space between them with cotton, and then sew: fill with cotton
 where the cardboard is of orange color with
Sew to the side where the cardboard, orange color, trying to do so ,so that the fabric is stretched smoothly and smoothly:
 Sew details of orange
Then we take to sew a zipper. First I decided to connect the two most suitable to the casket in color in one:  sew a zipper
berms sew a zipper

But the closing device jumped out of the lightning and could not enter back, because of what it was necessary to replace it:  closing device Actuality popped up Sew on the zipper completely, take a small piece of fabric to sew behind the empty side section in which there is no zipper. Sew on this piece of fabric ( if desired, you can decorate it with beads):  sew behind the empty section
 Sew this piece of fabric Then take a small piece of orange cloth, and, rolling it, we sew it from the back and sides, then bend back the sides (so that you can not see the front of the seam).Then we sew it to the depth of the case along with several beads on the sides:
 sew the back and sides
Cut out of satin colored paper two the “rings” for the frame are outlined on the radius of each flat circles — bending lines — so that the distance between these circles and the sides cut off at the top and bottom is equal. Then cut with scissors from the center to the intended bend line:
 Cut out satin colored paper
Bend the cut ends down and paste:
Glue both frames to the inside of the case:
 beads or beads
Next ber m thread and string on it beads or beads:
 threading beads or beads
 we string on a string beads or beads
Sew to the back cover case:  We sew to the back case
Now we make the decoration. It can be made either from beads, simply stitching them, or made in the form of a flower sewn from fabric. To sew a flower, take a long rectangular piece of fabric and stitch the seams from three sides, twist:
Now make the decoration
 Now we make the decoration
To make an ornament from beads, we select suitable ones from them by size and sew m:
 make decoration of beads
 we sew jewelery from beads
Choose one of these ornaments, which we had more to taste. And all, our little casket - case is ready. Its main difference from deep boxes is that it is difficult to lose some smallobject.
 we sew an ornament from beads
 Casket case
Regards, Vorobeva Dinara.

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