Cat predictor: how to learn the future from the behavior of a pet

We tell about signs that really work.

Most will take traditionally associated with black cats, and almost all of them are negative: a black cat ran across the road - expect unhappiness; ran into the house - the illness of someone close is not excluded. Met on the way to the cemetery - to death. But such "horror stories" were not always. Our ancestors believed that when moving to a new house, the first to enter it was a black cat, and then he would “agree” with the brownie. In turn, the British are confident that the black animal attracts lovers. And residents of some countries for many years believe that a black pet is a reliable protection from the evil eye, evil spirits and other misfortunes.

However, even if your pet is not black, but a completely different color, we advise you to carefully look at its behavior. For example, if a cat ...

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... washes his face at the door

Definitely, in this way he “washes over” the guests.In turn, the cold paws of the animal foreshadow the arrival of an unpleasant visitor. The same thing will happen if a kitten makes a mess in the wrong place or a cat that accidentally runs in will write in your house. The arrival of distant relatives can be predicted if the cat is washing too often, but if it is sitting on a window or a window sill, you should know that a close and long-awaited guest is going to meet you.

... rubs your legs

It is believed that the cat takes away negative energy and bad mood. And if at the same time he also has a red color, then, unequivocally, he “wipes” wealth to his master.

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... closes the nose with a tail

... and also hid the muzzle between your legs during sleep, curled up in a ball on your lap or sitting on the battery. All these signs that predict severe cold, blizzard or just a sharp deterioration in the weather. If the cat is fast asleep, turning the belly up, you need to wait for warm and hot weather, but if it hides its head - soon there will be a thunderstorm or a shower, scratches its ear - snow will fall or rain will start, wears claws on the table leg - to change the weather, sneezes to precipitation.

... walks "tail" before going fishing

If so, feel free to go to the river! The cat already feels rich in advance. But if the mustachio-striped ribs up the hind legs and sneezes at the same time, there will be a storm on the sea or on the river and you should be careful.

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... returns home before you leave

This happened - do not hesitate, your road will be easy and successful, and you yourself will quickly and safely return to their homes. But if the cat suddenly decides to give birth before your dear, it is better to stay home and wait.

... sleeping with you in the same bed, while trying to lie on his head

Oddly enough, the interpretation of this sign diverges. Someone thinks that in this way the cat wants to “take away” all negative thoughts from the owner’s head, as well as cure his headache; and someone is sure that the shaggy beast survives you in the most merciless way and - no wonder - it will generally live with the light. Apparently, it all depends on the nature of the cat. And if you don't want the cat to do any nasty things against you, just bring up the fluffy from birth.

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