Causes of hair on the chin in women

The beard is brutal and sometimes very sexy and stylish, but only for men. If the hair grows on the chin of women, it turns into a big delicate problem. And to solve it, you must first find out the reasons for the appearance of hair, and then begin to act.

Is this normal?

Body hair grows in both women and men. But usually in the fair sex they are more light and thin. Therefore, the so-called fluff and almost imperceptible hairs on the chin - this is quite normal. But if they become thicker, darker and thicker, then this is a reason to think and find out the reasons for such changes.

What's the matter?

Why does hair grow on a woman's chin? There are several explanations:

  • Endocrine diseases. The human endocrine system controls and regulates a lot of important processes in the body, including hair growth. So if, for example, there are problems in the functioning of the adrenal glands or of the thyroid gland, then this may well lead to an increase in the pilosis of certain parts of the body,including faces.
  • Hormonal disruptions. If the level of hormones for some reason has changed, then the number of female could change, while the volume of male began to grow (normally they are present even in the female body, but in minimal amounts). And this can lead to some changes in the appearance, for example, a set of masses for the male type (an increase in the volume of the abdomen), enhanced hair growth and darkening, problems with conception.
  • Gynecological diseases, disorders of the reproductive system. They can also lead to significant changes in hormonal levels and related problems.
  • Acceptance of oral contraceptives. If the contraceptive drug is chosen incorrectly or is not taken at all on the prescription of the doctor, but, for example, on the advice of a friend or after studying the information presented on the Internet, then it is likely that it simply does not suit you. As a result, the level and ratio of hormones will change, leading to serious problems, such as weight gain, acne, increased body hair growth, and so on.
  • It is not necessary to exclude the hereditary factor.If the hair on your chin grew from your mother and grandmother, then it is possible that such a problem is your individual feature, transmitted from generation to generation.
  • Improper skin care. If you use excessively aggressive agents that have a local irritant effect on the skin of the face, this may well lead to activation of the hair follicles and increased hair growth.
  • Bad epilation experience. If you have already tried to get rid of barely noticeable hairs (and this was undesirable) or even regularly remove them, then the hair follicles could be activated and respond to the appearance of denser and darker hair due to such procedures.
  • Climax. Often an increase in the number of hairs on the chin and their darkening is observed by middle-aged women, namely after 45-50 years. And this is due just to menopause, during which the number of female hormones inevitably decreases.

How to be?

What to do if dark hair appeared on my chin? First of all, you should go to a specialist, namely to the gynecologist. If the doctor did not reveal any diseases and abnormalities in the reproductive system, then visit an endocrinologist.

Follow all recommendations given by a specialist to achieve results and solve a problem. He will probably prescribe hormonal drugs, and such therapy will help to put in order the work of the reproductive system, as well as cure a number of gynecological diseases and eliminate the consequences of serious disruptions.

Worth reviewing facial skin care. Discard any aggressive means, prefer them softer, for example, designed for sensitive skin. And minimize rough impacts on the face area, that is, do not perform mechanical cleaning, do not rub the area with a hard washcloth, do not use scrubs with a high degree of abrasiveness.

How to remove unwanted hair?

If the treatment has just begun, and the hair is still growing (slowing down their growth will occur only after the causes of the problem have been completely eliminated), then you can get rid of them in several ways:

  1. Plucking tweezers. This is the method chosen by many of the weaker sex, as it is effective. But the process is very painstaking and long, because you need to grab and pull up with a root every hair.
  2. Removing the thread.If earlier this method was used only by Oriental women, today it became popular all over the world. To use it, prepare a dense and preferably well-sliding (for example, silk) thread, as well as scissors and a mirror. Cut a small piece of thread about 50 centimeters long, tie its ends, and then twist it in the middle several times. Form the loops over the thumb and index fingers of each hand. Now spread the fingers of one hand to increase the loop. Bring the thread to the skin so that unwanted hairs are in a larger loop. Then simultaneously reduce the fingers of one hand (those that were divorced) and spread the fingers of the other. As a result, the hairs will be screwed onto the thread when moving the twisting area and removed.
  3. The use of special local means for depilation. They contain components that literally destroy the hair shafts and thereby remove them painlessly. But some of these creams may cause irritation, so when they are applied it is necessary to be careful and follow all the instructions described in the instructions.
  4. Hardware removal.Some treatments will get rid of unwanted hair quickly, painlessly and completely. These methods include photoepilation, as well as laser. Under the influence of the laser or ultraviolet rays, the hair follicles are destroyed, and the hairs cease to grow over time. But, first, most of these procedures are expensive. Secondly, it will take several sessions. Thirdly, these methods are not for everyone, there are contraindications. And, finally, there is a chance of side effects, such as the appearance of scarring or pigmentation spots.

Some use a razor, but it is absolutely impossible to do it! First, shaving strongly irritates the delicate skin of the face, and secondly, it often stimulates even more active hair growth, as well as their darkening and increasing the thickness of the rods.


Some useful tips:

  • To take any hormonal drugs can only be as indicated by a doctor! Self-medication is dangerous and can lead to serious problems.
  • Choose the most convenient and suitable hair removal method to not only achieve results, but also to minimize discomfort and simplify the depilation process.
  • Do not delay with treatment, any delays can be dangerous!

We can only wish all women to stay beautiful and healthy!

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