Ceiling tile aircraft

Legend of aviation in miniature. Aeromodelling is an excellent activity that is suitable for both boys and adult men. The love of aircraft, as well as a little patience - this is probably all that is needed to get a good model. Pleasant is the fact that the materials that we need, have a completely insignificant cost. You can buy them at any hardware store. The Su-34 aircraft is a legendary combat vehicle that has served the Russian army as a fighter-attack aircraft for several decades. In this master class, we will make a model of this aircraft, which you can launch, or simply use as a souvenir. To make a model, we need: 1. Ceiling tiles. 2. Polystyrene foam up to 20 mm thick. 3. Clay "Dragon". 4. Office knife. 5. Sandpaper. 6. Marker 7. Plasticine. For starters, we will make parts from ceiling tiles. For this we need to draw them, and cut.
 we will make parts from the ceiling tile
It is important to note that the dimensions of the parts are not fundamental in this case, however, proportions and symmetry should be observed as On the photo. Unlike the body (1), and the keel (2.2 *), the air intakes (3.3 *) must be glued together from three parts, as in the photo, the gluing line is marked in green. we will make the details from the ceiling tile
When the air intakes are ready, you can glue them to the body, the gluing line is marked in orange.
we will make the details of the ceiling tile
 Ceiling tile aircraft
Then stick keels, according to the red line.
Plane of ceiling tiles
When the glue under the keels is almost dry, you need a little (1 - 3 mm from a level position) to push them in the upper part, this will give the aircraft better stability in the air .You can do this by simply inserting a wand of the appropriate size between the keels for a few minutes. Next we need to make the fuselage, which consists of the rear and front parts, each of them is divided into lower and upper. Draw the details, cut them out and sand them with sandpaper. Item number three, you need to make two copies. Now that all the ingredients are ready, you can proceed to gluing them together. Plane from the ceiling tile
 Plane of a ceiling tile
 Plane from the ceiling tile
 Aircraft from the ceiling tile
colored line should be used by analogy with the previous details. The fighter is ready.
 Plane of a ceiling tile
It can be painted in camouflage style, or any other, depending on your personal wishes. However, such a model cannot fly yet, because it has a small weight, and an uneven distribution of this weight across the body. In order for the plane to plan, it is necessary to balance it. This can be done experimentally by sticking to the nose of the plane pieces of clay of different sizes. The place where you need to load the model is shown in the photo.
 Plane from the ceiling tile
If the fighter smoothly plans, the amount of cargo is right. A properly made model can fly about 25 meters. If problems arise with the launch of the aircraft, then literally 5 - 15 minutes of training, and everything will be in order. The plane will give you and your children an unforgettable experience. Successful to you flights! Respectfully, brothers Grape.

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