Celine Dion and Rene Angelil: a beautiful and tragic love story

The well-known world renown of Canadian singer Celine Dion today marks exactly 50.

The girl sang at the age of five in a restaurant of her parents to the sound of a violin and an accordion. It is not known how the fate of Celine would be, do not meet her famous music manager Rene Angelil on her way. In the 12-year-old girl after listening, he found a rare voice, which, in his opinion, had to be developed in order to achieve success on the stage. And Rene, like Pygmalion, began to "sculpt" from Celine star Galatea.

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As time passes, Dion will conquer the hearts of millions of people conquered by her wondrous singing. "The Queen of Vampires", as once in her youth teased her because of a defect in her teeth, will turn into a charming woman with a remarkable talent. Probably few people know that Celine Dion and Madonna are distant relatives. And, perhaps, there is something in common in how they went to world fame, having made, so to speak, a fantastic take-off to its summit.True, there is one significant difference: next to Madonna there was no such man, even a bit like Rene Angelil. He was older than Celine by 26 years, but this huge difference in age did not prevent the then beginning singer from recognizing an unusual person in him who could love selflessly and selflessly. Celine will give him her heart without looking back, knowing full well that Rene for her is like a beacon in our difficult, sometimes dark life, always able to lead to the light.

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In 1994, in Montreal, they will play a beautiful wedding, which will be called the holiday of romantic tender love. And although Rene Angelil was married three times before, he considered the new marriage the happiest and the last in his life. He seemed with some sadness and sadness looked into the future, anticipating the separation from the one and only woman. Rene and Celine lived in perfect harmony: he divined any of her wishes, was a real support in his work, eliminated any obstacles in the path of his beloved. And when it turned out that Celine was not able to give birth to herself, he tried to support his wife in the most difficult moments. And, finally, maternal happiness smiled at the star singer: after two transferred operations in the reproductive center, she became pregnant. And at the end of January 2001, Celine Dion gave birth to a first-born son.Surrounded by love and care Rene, the singer seemed to draw from them creative inspiration, speaking brilliantly on the world stage.

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But happiness and trouble always go together. And once the last one knocked at the house of Selion Dion: Rene doctors made a terrible diagnosis - throat cancer. Celine takes a two-year break from work and is always next to her beloved husband. After intensive treatment, health seems to be returning to Rene. And the couple in love decided to celebrate this joyful event: in Las Vegas, they once again utter the words of the wedding oath. But in a few years the disease will return again. Rene Angelil will be suppressed by this sad event, but she will find the strength to persuade Celine not to give up the stage for him. Until the very last day they will fight together with a terrible disease. Once Rene, tormented by illness, will tell Celine: "I want to die in your arms." Until his last breath, Rene Angelil will feel the warm and gentle breath of his beloved woman, to whom he has devoted his whole life, every day and hour holding her name in his heart.

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