Ceramic coated pan: reviews of amateurs and professionals

Ceramic coated pan: reviews of amateurs and professionalsThe popularity of ceramic coatings is growing. Most lovers of delicious, and most importantly quality food tends to acquire such innovation in their kitchens. But when choosing a frying pan with a ceramic coating, reviews have already taken advantage of this dish should be studied.

How to choose a frying pan with ceramic coating: the art of choice

What details should pay attention first of all when choosing a pan? The main thing is:

  • trademark,
  • thickness,
  • diameter,
  • side height
  • the weight.

Various companies offer ceramic pans, reviews of these brands are very diverse, you have not even heard of many brands. It seems that it is unlikely to be a problem to inquire about the brand in order to find out how many years it has been on the market. A good brand cares about its reputation, improves the quality of its products.

Thickness is an important factor, of course, an increase in this parameter affects the increase in weight, but first of all, it increases strength, ensures long service life, and, in addition, a considerable thickness excludes fast deformation.Ceramic coated pan: reviews of amateurs and professionals

The choice of diameter, as well as the height of the side - personal preference. Here the personal taste should work, well, it is important, of course, how you plan to use the pan in your kitchen. There are also universal sizes: about 29 cm in diameter, 7 cm deep, weight, about 800 grams. In this dish you can do everything: fry, simmer, let in. With a height of a side of 7 cm, it is allowed to weld a semifinished product.

A frying pan with a ceramic coating: obvious advantages.

What is so attracted to dishes with a ceramic coating? The reviews say the main positive qualities of it are:

  • base color
  • no burning
  • corrugated surface.

How about a stick? Many housewives have a desire to check the quality of the pans with a ceramic coating. Reviews, most often, such:Ceramic coated pan: reviews of amateurs and professionals

  • “I wanted to deliberately burn the products, nothing happened, the meat, of course, burned, but did not stick”;
  • “She was preparing pancakes, gliding over the surface, it’s not so easy to“ catch up ”with a spatula and turn them over, even more than fried pancakes, easily“ run ”along the bottom, do not stick.”

Contrary to popular belief, the corrugated bottom is perfectly washed and does not create problems. Fat is evenly distributed throughout the bottom, which contributes to high-quality roasting. Another obvious plus is that excess fat remains in the frying pan. Isn't it great?

Ceramic frying pan: features of care.

Many bought frying pans with a ceramic coating, the reviews leave excellent, although they pay attention to what attention and sensitivity this utensil requires.

A wooden paddle will not damage the surface, but a strong blow may break off a piece of ceramics, which will cause quite justified annoyance. Ceramic spraying is fragile, no need to knock on it; still be sure to ensure that the dishes did not fall. This is not glass, it will not break, but it can crack.Ceramic coated pan: reviews of amateurs and professionals

Afraid of sudden changes in temperature. From the heat, from the heat and under the cold water - no, this is not for her. Such a procedure may contribute to the appearance of cracks that will appear if not immediately, then necessarily later.But if you wait for complete cooling, then it can be washed as an ordinary dish.

Choosing a frying pan with a ceramic coating, you should definitely read about it.

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