Charming satin stretch ceilings

Film stretch ceilings have several varieties according to the degree of reflection / absorption of light: matte, glossy, metallic, semi-glossy. The latter are also called satin (characteristic by texture) or pearlescent (without going beyond the light classification). Although these are just names, they have some reason for their existence.

Satin stretch ceiling gets its name from the textured similarity with the same name fabric, which is usually used for sewing bed linen and clothing. The material has a smooth, slightly shiny surface in contrast to the matte roughness and even shade of the surface. Stretch satin fabric inherited these qualities, which led to some of its features (more info

Reflective characteristics of satin stretch ceiling

Satin stretch structures will create additional coziness and a feeling of comfort in the interior of your home.They have an extraordinary ability: to be a “golden medium” between matte and glossy finishes. Satin reflects only closely spaced objects (for example, a chandelier). But at the same time, he does not torment the owners of the room with eternal dancing highlights, unlike gloss.

Another characteristic that depends solely on the texture is mother-of-pearl. Satin coatings change their color depending on the angle of incidence of light. Of great importance for this type of ceiling and type of lighting: with a daytime background is slightly darker than with artificial. Due to this property in the room creates a feeling of soft lighting, which gives the interior extra harmony and tranquility. Due to this effect, it is the ideal solution for combination with the Starry Sky lighting system or photo printing.

Stretch ceiling benefits: satin

The disadvantages of all types of suspended ceilings are the same, and the benefits too. But there are distinctive features of satin stretch film, which are either absent from other varieties or not fully disclosed.

For example, all PVC canvases have a wide range of colors.Satin is not an exception, but it also has the effect of a chameleon: by choosing the basic tone, you unexpectedly receive several shades as a gift)

Another indisputable advantage of satin ceilings is simple maintenance. You will say that all vinyl ceilings are endowed with this dignity, and you will not go wrong. But the matte texture has a grainy surface, which is why it attracts more dust (although all other films are antistatic). And on gloss there is a big risk of leaving stains, even using the recommended solution of ammonia. Satin is easy to clean with a simple soap solution. As a result, there is no drips and dust.

Pay special attention to the manufacturer of satin linen and its authenticity: it depends on all the success of your repair or decoration.

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