Since ancient times, cheese is considered one of the main products of our table. Some scientists assume that the history of its manufacture is about 7000 years old! And the Middle East is home to cheese. It was there that merchants used leather bags from the insides of animals to transport milk. When shaken under the influence of hot climates, the enzymes turned liquid into today's favorite dairy product. At all times, cheese dishes were known not only as everyday food, but also valued as festive dishes. It is said that Russian emperor Peter I preferred Limburg cheese as a dessert dish. It is known that this product has an unpleasant smell and spicy taste. Because of the soft consistency, it received the second name - “live”, because when it is cut it spreads, and it seems as if the product “runs away”. Today, on the shelves of supermarkets, we can find cheeses for every taste and color: mozzarella, ricotta, Maasdam, Adyghe, Dutch and even with mold. Recipes for cheese with a huge variety: desserts, soups, appetizers, salads.And most importantly - every cook has his own signature recipe with this dairy product. For example, the French have a favorite dish is cheese omelet, but one of the most popular culinary masterpieces in Italy can be called “Gnocchi” (dumplings made from potatoes, decoys and cheese, and served it all under tomato or some other sauce). In Russia, hot cheese dishes are popular: potatoes or macaroni under a cheese crust. But in China they traditionally add tofu to salads, pies and rolls. In some countries, for example, in Spain, France and Holland there are Cheese Museums. There you can see various items used earlier in the manufacture of dairy products, learn about recipes that were previously passed down from generation to generation and kept in strict confidence, as well as try delicious cheese dishes. Such a museum can be found in Russia, though for this you will need to make a trip to the Belgorod region, this is where the “Cheese House” is located with wooden trims and an old design inside. Modern housewives prefer cooking cheese dishes, paying attention to simplicity and a huge variety of options.The quickest thing you can do with a lot of your favorite product is a hot breakfast sandwich. Its preparation will take only 1 minute! But such a dessert as “tiramisu”, where mascarpone cheese is used, will make even the most experienced housewife to patrol and spend more than 30 minutes to cook. Cheese is not only tasty, but also a healthy product. It contains up to 25% of proteins, a high content of calcium and phosphorus, as well as various types of vitamins. And some types of cheese (ricotta, mozzarella, camembert and tofu) are advised to use even during diets. There is even a so-called cheese diet, observing that, you can throw up to 7 kilograms per week! Every day you will be able to use different dishes with your favorite product, and you can easily find recipes of cheese dishes with photos on our website.

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