Multicooker Chicken Soup

Chicken soup in a multivarku cook quickly and easily. An important advantage of this method of cooking is that a home chicken in a slow cooker boils well and becomes soft, while on the stove this result can not be achieved. You will need the following ingredients for cooking: - half of home chicken; - 4 potatoes; - home-made noodles or its equivalent in a pack; - greens (parsley and dill, you can still have green onions); - salt, pepper, favorite spices. Prepare all products in an appropriate manner, namely scorch the chicken well and rinse, clean the potatoes cut into small cubes or strips, cook home-made noodles or broken from the pack ready. We shift all the ingredients in a bowl Multivarki, the bottom put the chicken on top of sliced ​​potatoes.
Chicken soup in the multivark
Then, break the noodles, its amount depends on your preferences, if you want a thicker, respectively, and more noodles.But traditional Russian cuisine provides that this soup will be light and not thick at all.
 add noodles
Fill with water, water must cover products, but also not rise above the mark the maximum in the bowl of the multicooker. Salt and pepper the future dish, if desired, you can add your favorite spices.
fill water
We set up the" Soup "program, it is automatically calculated for an hour of cooking, but it is better to force it to increase to 1.5 - 2 hours. multicooker
While the soup is cooked, you can do any work. Just do not forget to chop the greens for the soup. After the beep sounds, indicating that the cooking is finished, open the lid and add greens. Let the soup cool down a bit and after 20-30 minutes you can pour over the plates. Do not forget to cut the chicken, for this it is more convenient to use kitchen scissors. A fragrant dish of homemade chicken is ready.
 Chicken soup in a slow cooker

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