Child protection at the swing cabinet

Protect against children at the wardrobe
The" lock "actually has 2 main functions: prevent the child from opening the closet and divert his attention for a while. Making "protection from children" will take no more than an hour. This "lock" is suitable, of course, not all hinged cabinets. You can not fix it on round handles. On one “lock” you need about 5-7 centimeters of wide velcro tape (the wider and longer it is, the harder it is to open), the base (wide elastic band, jeans piece, thick tape) from 25 centimeters long (it depends on the distance between the handles cabinet), fabric (preferably knitwear and drape) and beads for decoration (they need to be sewn very firmly). Cotton and lacing can also be useful.
Protection from children on a wardrobe
 Child protection at the swing cabinet

Protection from children on the swinging cabinet
Velcro rounded around the edges so that it looked" civil ". On the basis of the tape sewn fabric. It is not necessary to do this, in principle, although the finished product will look more attractive. For convenience, the fabric can be pinned with needles, and the seam to use obmetochny. Sew Velcro to the finished base (at the ends of the base tape). Do not accidentally sew both sides of the Velcro on one side.
Protection from children on the swinging cabinet
 Protection from children on the swinging cabinet
This base can already be used, but I advise it to decorate with an amusing toy, lacing or beads. I chose a flower. Cut 2 circles from the drape. Cut out the petals from the colored jersey (two petals of the same color, only 10 petals). Petals stitch on top, turn out and fill them with cotton. Collect the flower: sew all the petals to one part of the drape circle, then close the rough version of the flower with the second circle from the drape. Ready flower we fix on the base.You can also sew a ladybird or a small toy bought in a store.
 Protection against children on a swing closet
Fixing doors is not the only way to use protection. You can put it on your arm like a bracelet. Another possible habitat of funny stickies is a crib, a stroller. You can decorate the whole nursery with these locks, use them as clamps for curtains, clips for bags with toys and so on.
 Protection against children on a swing cabinet

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