Children the same age

And what awaits you if you decide to have a second child right after the first one ?! Looking ahead, this is the surest option for anyone who considers himself a good, full-fledged family.

The first question that arises is “can you do it or not?” You already know everything, everything is able. You will not be in a panic to call an ambulance, if your baby can not poop, you go, and with full confidence in the correctness of their actions, make him an enema. Or flue pipe! Your first aid kit has everything you need.

A bit of a problem will be walking or going to the clinic. One runs with might and main, the second is still in a wheelchair. It's hard. It is difficult, being pregnant, with a huge belly, to sleep on the hands of an older child. It's hard when they get sick. As a rule, if one gets sick, then the second one falls ill, and the mother is there too!

The jealousy of older children is not always the same as it is described. Most often it is not at all. With a small difference, they understand little. For them it will be interesting and informative. Naturally, you need to pay enough attention to both.And in the future, they will become best friends, will support each other and help. The youngest will grow rapidly and start repeating everything after the elder. Questions pot, nipple and the first steps will be solved once or twice.

Financial issue. There is always little money, they are always lacking. And with the advent of the second baby, nothing will change radically. Except that you give life to another man. If the children are gay, then all the clothes you already have! And do not buy anything. If heterosexual babies, then it's okay too, much will be in time, despite the color scheme. You also will not need to buy strollers, cribs, swings, sledges and bottles. So, in terms of finances, you will save more than you spend.

So, kids, the same age - this is a double joy! These are two hearts that beat together with your hearts. These are two pairs of hands that hold you tightly and do not let go anywhere. These are two smiles, this is a joyful laugh, this is all that good mom and dad can only dream of.

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