Children's Jumper with Fox

Children's sweater with a large knitted foxwill definitely appeal to any child.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn 1 (98% natural wool, 2% polyester; 70m / 50g) 300 (350) 400 grams of sand, 50 grams ivory and black;
  2. yarn 2 (100% natural wool; 20m / 50gr) 50 g each in the color of cinnamon and orange;
  3. spokes number 7;
  4. short circular needles number 7.


Dimensions: 104/110 (116/122) 128/134

Pattern Description

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. P.; in circular rows to knit all the loops front.

Wrong surface: faces. R. - izn. n., izn. R. - persons. P.; in the circular rows to knit all the loops in the back.

Eraser: alternately 2 persons. n., 2 out. p.

Motif with a fox

We knit the threads of different colors according to the face-stitch pattern.

For each color plot we use a separate ball, when changing color we cross the threads on the wrong side to avoid the formation of holes.

The 1-56th row is performed 1 time.

Small fragments, such as the eyes and nose, are embroidered last with the stitches of the buttonhole or flat seams according to the pattern.

Striped Pattern

We knit the face on the face in the following sequence:

* 4 rows of sand thread,

2 rows of cinnamon thread,

4 rows of sand thread,

2 rows of orange thread,

4 rows of sand thread,

2 rows of black thread,

4 rows of sand thread,

2 rows of ivory thread,

from * constantly repeat.

Density of knitting: 14p x 22p = 10x10 cm, connected by the front surface.

Important! The product is knitted in 2 threads of cinnamon color and 2 orange threads.

Knitting description


We pick up 54 (58) 66 loops on knitting needles and knit with 4 cm elastic band, while in the last row, evenly distributed, we add 0 (2) 0 loops. Next, knit between the edge loops on the front surface.

After 36 (41) 46 cm from the gum, the average 14 (16) 18 loops are closed for the neck. We finish the shoulders separately, while at the edge of the neck we close in the 2nd row of 1x3 n. After 38 (43) 48 cm from the gum directly close the remaining hinges of the shoulders.


We knit the same way as the back, but with a motif and a deeper neck. To do this, through 0 (3) 6 cm from the rubber bands on the middle 26 loops, we begin the execution of the motif, on the remaining loops we knit the sandy thread with the facial smoothness. Having finished the motif, we continue knitting on all the loops with a faceplate sand thread.

After 30 (35) 40 cm from the elastic we close the average 6 (8) 10 loops for the neck. We finish the shoulders separately, closing along the edge of the neck in each 2nd row of 1x3 n, 1x2 n and 2x1 n. At the height of the backrest, close the remaining shoulder loops.


With a sand string we collect needles for each sleeve with 26 (26) 30 loops and 4 cm knit with an elastic band, while in the last row, evenly distributing, add 0 (2) 0 loops.

Next, we knit a striped pattern between the edge patterns, while for the bevel of the sleeve we add on both sides in each 6th row 3 (2) 1x1 p., then in each 4th row 10 (13) 16x1 p.

After 28 (31) 34 cm from the gum, close all the loops directly.


We lightly wet the parts, stretch them according to the dimensions specified in the pattern, we pin them on the pattern and leave it to dry completely.

According to the pattern or photo of the fox's nose, we embroider with black thread with flat stitches. We embroider eyes, ears, contours of the face with stitches of a stitch seam.

We perform shoulder seams.

Sand thread on the circular knitting needles on the edge of the neckline 68 (72) 76 loops and knit 2 cm rubber band. Loops close.

Sew the sleeves so that the middle of the sleeves coincides with the shoulder seam.

We perform side seams and sleeve seams.At the end, lightly remove all seams.

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