Knitted children's ugg boots Lapland

Materials and tools:

  1. ALIZE Cashmira yarn (100% wool, 100g / 300m) 50g beige color and brown and mustard yarn residues;
  2. Stocking needles No. 2, hook No. 2.5.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting:the front surface of 27 p. x 46 p. = 10cm x 10cm.

Facial surface:front row - front loops, purl row - purl loops; in the circular rows all facial loops.

Size:6-9 months. (11 cm in the foot).

Knitting description

Knit sole:

The sole is double. We knit the inner and outer side according to the same scheme shown in Fig.

With a crochet hook with a beige thread, we knit 18 VP: we make 3 VP of lifting and we knit 3 rows according to the scheme in fig. 4th row knit without increments 72 Art. s / n The thread does not break. Similarly, knit the outer part of the sole with a brown thread. Set aside. &Emsp;

Knit the top:

Along the edge of the beige part of the sole, we collect 72 loops behind the back wall (to form a edging) on ​​the stocking knitting needles and knit 5 rows with a front satin stitch. We mark in some way 21 loops strictly in the center of the boot (toe in the diagram in fig.left).

6 row: we knit in a circle, we mark the marked loops as follows: [2 vm. persons .. 1 person.] x 7 times. After tying the row, 14 mesh loops remain marked;

7 row: knitting in a circle without any penalty;

8 row: we knit in a circle, we mark the marked loops 7 times 2 vm. individuals. There are 7 loops left;

9 row: we knit in a circle, not tying in 1 st to 7 loops of the toe. Knit 2 vm. persons., 5 persons., 2 vm. individuals. We tie the series to the end;

10th row: we sew loops, without tying 1 st. to 7 loops of toe. Knit 2 vm. persons., 5 persons., 2 vm. individuals. Expand work;

11 series: 1 st. shoot, 5 out of., 2 vm. out Expand work;

12 row: 1 p. remove, 5 persons., 2 vm. individuals. Expand work;

13-18 rows: repeat 11-12 rows.

All the toe is ready.

To the 7 central loops add along the edges of 1 loop. On the 9 loops we get, we knit in a straight tongue the boot with a pattern (see fig.) (In the front row we alternate 1 persons., 1 of the side., In the wrong side, we knit the inside of the loops on the front loops, and we knit the side loops on the side loops) according to the pattern. At a height of approximately 8 cm, we close 9 loops. The tongue is ready.

Of the knuckles left before knitting, we knit the swivel arms with the swivel rows. We knit 32 rows.In the 33rd row we close 2 loops at the beginning of the row (to form a rounding). In the 34th row, we close 2 loops at the beginning of the row (we get 2 closed loops on both sides). In the 35th row, close the remaining loops. The top is ready.


The top is embroidered on the loops with a brown thread.

The embroidery scheme is shown in Fig. Mustard thread embroidered in small diamond dots with rococo stitches. On a strip with large diamonds we embroider with mustard thread diamonds with offset from brown diamonds with a seam "back needle" ».&Emsp;


Tie the tongue with a brown thread with 2 rows of single crochets. Tie the tops of the open sides with brown thread next to Art. b / n. In the 2nd row of the strapping on the vertical sides we tie up 4 loops for the lace (4 VP on 1 loop of the base), on the upper edge we make the strapping with a “striking step”.


We fold the thread in brown and beige in half. We braid a pigtail of their 4 threads, following the principle (on both sides there are two threads of each color):

1: shift the brown thread from right to left;

2: shift the second brown thread from left to right;

3: shift the beige thread from right to left;

4: shift the second beige thread from left to right;

(back to original position)

Repeat until reaching the desired length of the lace.


We knit 2 boots. We sew the outer parts of the soles (brown) onto the soles of the finished boots, leaving a beige edging from the bottom half of the last row of the inside of the soles outside. We put the laces in the loops and tie them with a bow.

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