Chips in the microwave for 10 minutes

This is probably the fastest and easiest recipe for homemade chips. And most importantly - chips without any additives, 100% natural product. Microwave will help us achieve this. I also forgot to say: these are still very tasty chips. For the preparation of this delicacy we need only 10 minutes!
We need a minimum of ingredients, namely, potatoes. Well, I think about it. You probably guessed it yourself: -)
I will offer you two technologies of cooking chips in the microwave, if you wish, you can choose the one you need or upgrade one to the other.
And so it went. The first dietary recipe - without oil and salt. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken - from the edible ingredients we take one potato.
Now it is necessary to cut it into thin slices or rounds, as you please. For this variant of the recipe, I do not advise you to cut the potatoes too thin about 1-2 mm. &Nbsp;
Bon appetit!PS : To use chips in food is desirable immediately, otherwise they will lose their unique crunch. But for reference, I will say that the second option is more "durable" in storage than the first one.

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