Chocolate Fritter Recipe

In order to make chocolate pancakes you will need: Kefir - 400 ml Flour - 300g Sugar - 60 g Cocoa powder - 40 g Egg - 1 pc. Soda - 2 g Lemon juice 5 ml Vegetable oil - 60 ml
 Chocolate Fritters Recipe
I would like to share with you the recipe of the most delicious fritters, who cook very quickly, and the taste loves you in them. First we take, mix lemon juice, eggs and sugar in a bowl. After adding the remaining products - kefir, cocoa powder, soda, flour. Mix everything until smooth, the dough should be thick enough. Let's start frying pancakes. Add oil to the pan and fry in it pancakes on each side until golden brown. They should be lush, even when cool. On the table you can serve with honey, sour cream, condensed milk, as in my case. Have a nice tea party!

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