Choosing a screwdriver for a gift to a man

Choosing a gift for a man, look at such a power tool as a screwdriver. He will be the way to any member of the stronger sex.

The choice of these tools in our time is pretty decent. Let's look at the example of the site "BuildTech" consider the options and the main characteristics.

You can combine two in one by selecting a screwdriver-drill. Almost all manufacturers produce this version of the power tool.

To make the right choice, you need to determine which surface to work with. There are professional tools. They are designed for frequent operation, much more powerful. But they are much more expensive. For household needs, the rotation speed of 400 rpm will suffice.

N * m - torque - the most important indicator. This value varies in a fairly wide range - from 5 to 105 N * m is quite suitable. Models with a value greater than 40 are truly powerful professional tools. For ordinary chores, it makes no sense to choose such a tool.Optimum values ​​will be the maximum torque from 16 to 26 N * m. This means that a 7 cm long screw can be easily screwed into pine material.

Both the drill and the screwdriver have two types of power - a battery or a socket. That is, when using the first one, you will be completely mobile, but the second option will restrict movement with an electrical cord.

We stopped at the battery, then we look at the type of battery. Screwdrivers with a Li-ion battery become sales leaders, outpacing their rivals in terms of power consumption, the ability to evenly charge, fast charge, low weight, but lose in price and durability.

Battery Capacity. The larger the number, the longer it will last without charging. For domestic use is fully justified in 1.2 A / h.

The working voltage for a household model is quite enough for 9.6 V.

There is one more thing - shock or unaccented mode. Percussion makes it easier to tighten the nuts, and screws and screws are thus protected from twisting, and the worker himself needs less effort. But in shock mode, you can not use the clutch-limiter.

Enter the parameters we chose.The top is a cheap drill-screwdriver Bosch GSR 1440-LI. It is declared as professional. It has a keyless chuck with a lock. You can choose the torque, change the direction of rotation. Light, small, quiet.

A screwdriver with the same parameters - Makita DF030DWE. Its features include engine braking and torque adjustment. But it will cost one and a half times more expensive than Bosch.

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