Choosing a new bath

1.Cast iron bath�best experienced by our fellow citizens. It is already possible to make legends about its strength, but with careful use it retains a decent look for decades. It is also important that the cast-iron bath retains heat for a very long time, and it is important for lovers to soak in the bath with a book or player.

2.Steel bath�best known for her loud ringing at the moment when you fill it. This problem is solved easily and simply by applying foam to the bottom of the bath. Otherwise, it can only be praised - it is durable, light (it is easier to cast iron several times). Well, its large heat transfer is noticeably reduced after the application of polyurethane foam to the bottom. When choosing such a bath, it is important to pay attention that the thickness of the steel sheet from which the bath is made is the maximum possible, since such a bath can be deformed with a large load on it. Well, because of the deformation, the enamel coating of the bath will be damaged, as a result of which the bath will rust and quickly fail.

3.Actile bath�most modern.It is possible to build in it nozzles for a hydromassage or illumination for unusual design. It is important to note that this bath has a very low thermal conductivity. But some buyers still have concerns that this particular bath is the most fragile. The latter opinion is incorrect, since the manufacturing technology is such that the strength of an acrylic bath is comparable to that of the best steel one. It is also convenient that you can make a bath of the most complex, even fantasy form from acrylic. By the way, the surface of the acrylic bath can be restored fairly easily.

There are also more exotic bath options that are not widely spread due to the high price.

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