Do-it-yourself Christmas balls

The best decoration for the New Year's holiday is a Christmas ball that can be hung in any suitable place. And if you make original Christmas balls yourself, then you can create not only a festive, but also an incredibly cozy atmosphere - this will be facilitated by finished products, in which a small piece of your soul is sure to remain.

 Christmas balls with your own hands

Christmas balls with your own hands

Before you make a Christmas ball with your own hands, you will need to prepare the basis for creativity. You will need:

  • thick threads or a rope (for example, twine);
  • a usual round balloon;
  • satin ribbon or ribbon;
  • decoration (for example, a miniature bunch of flowers);
  • gold, silver or any other paint;
  • PVA glue, brush and scissors.
 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

Instead of the PVA glue, you can use homemade paste, which is boiled from flour or starch.The main thing is that it should be viscous enough, otherwise the product will dry for a very long time and may lose shape.

We inflate the balloon to the size that we want to receive the New Year ball. We tied with a thread.

 Inflate the ball

We inflate the ball

Begin to wind this ball with a rope prepared. The number of turns depends on its thickness - dense, thick twine can be wound with just a few layers, in the form of a cobweb. He will keep his shape anyway. And thinner threads (for example, knitting yarn) must be applied with a thicker layer, otherwise the ball will quickly deform afterwards.

 We wind the ball with a thread

We wind the ball with a string

We coat each layer of glue well with glue. Twine should be drunk especially carefully, because its fibers are sufficiently dense, and poorly absorb liquid. In order not to contaminate the working surface, it is possible to fix the ball in some container (for example, a cup or a glass jar), and turn over as it becomes impregnated. A well-lubricated ball is left to be dried away from the central heating radiators,because close to them he can let the air out.

 We glue the threads with glue

We glue the threads with glue

When the glue dries even in the deepest layers, the ball will need to be pierced with a needle and carefully removed. We will have the rope frame of the Christmas ball.

 Rope frame

Rope frame

Now we need to give it a more festive and elegant look. To do this, we cover the thread with a layer of gold or any other previously prepared paint. Dry it well.

Color the ball

We fasten together two bunches of flowers, which we have prepared in advance, and tie ribbon in a neat bow.

 Bunch the bunches and make the bow

Bunch the bunches and make a bow.

Bind the flowers to the bow. It turned out decoration. You can use any other decorative gizmos - snowflakes,figures of Christmas characters, etc.

 Making decoration for the ball

Making decoration for the ball

Attaching the decoration to the ball . Done! We have learned to make Christmas balls do it yourself! The master class turned out to be tireless and interesting.

 We attach the ornament

We attach the ornament

Such balls will occupy a worthy place on the New Year tree and even on holiday table. You can use them as a gift, for creating compositions and simply for interior decoration.

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