Christmas smells for your home

Our memory is associated with fragrances, which is why it is so easy for them to return a pleasant memory. The New Year's holidays have their own smells. Someone has a Christmas tree and tangerines, someone has a favorite dish that is prepared by a mother or grandmother. For some, the New Year has the smell of old paper, in which glass balls are wrapped, passed on for many years from generation to generation. You can not put the Christmas tree until the end of December, so that it stands up to the Carols, but you should not deprive yourself of the festive atmosphere.

Fill your home with bright aromas, for the maintenance of which you don’t have to constantly bake something or remove needles. And synthetic air fresheners have nothing to do with it! Here are some tricks with which you can achieve a wonderful holiday flavor in the house.

That's the salt

The composition of natural essential oils will be quite stable if ordinary salt is used as a basis for it. It is best to choose a large, ideally - sea. Fill any citrus peel with a mixture of salt and essential oils.To do this, carefully cut the orange, lemon or grapefruit in half and remove the pulp. Pour the fragrant salt into the bowl. You can combine cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and vanilla oils with oils of any citrus plant, such as mandarin, orange, lemon, or bergamot. By the way, the essential oil of mandarin is a powerful antidepressant. You can decorate the salt with dry spices or herbs.

Unusual decorations

Along with traditional balls and stars, you can hang dried orange slices on a Christmas tree or a mantelpiece. Citrus smell can be supplemented with cinnamon sticks or bay leaf. Decoration looks great as a separate element, and as part of a large garland. It is most convenient to dry the slices in the oven on a sheet of parchment paper. Such decoration can be stored for several years.

Citrus Lamps

In winter, you need to eat a lot of fruit, especially rich in vitamin C. But the peel is better not to throw it away, but make lovely lamps out of it. Place a candle in the peel on top or make a special figure design, complement the aromatic composition with several flowers of carnation.When heated, these lamps will emit essential oils, and fill your room with wonderful aromas. And when the lamp loses a beautiful view, dried up, just go to the store for a new batch of fruit!

Sachet platter

With the following method, the aromas of Christmas and New Year can be preserved for many months. Pick up a beautiful glass jar, and fill it with aromatic spices, orange slices and pine cones. Among other things, it is also very beautiful! If you have not a lot of spices, add beautifully dried fruits and dry branches to the jar, and enhance the aroma with essential oils. This sachet looks great as a New Year souvenir. If you need to freshen the smell in the room, simply open the jar or pour a portion of the mixture into a flat vase.

Fragrant candles

You can buy ready-made candles with New Year's smells, but these will look much more interesting. Just wrap ordinary paraffin or wax candles with cinnamon sticks. When heated, a wonderful smell will fill the whole house! You can complement the decor with sacking and linen cord. The crown can be used several times just by changing the candles.

Cones are collecting ...

Cones perfectly keep pleasant smells. Just dry the pine, spruce or pine cones in the oven for an hour. Without letting them cool down a lot, put in a bag in which you need to add a few drops of essential oils. You can limit yourself to mono aromatics, or experiment with their combinations. Cones should be soaked with oil for at least a week. Then they are laid out around the apartment, or on the basis of them create New Year's decor.

Home fragrance

Refer to the experience of ancient perfumers, and entrust the preservation of the new year's aroma to alcohol. Stir your favorite essential oils with a few tablespoons of alcohol or vodka and dilute the mixture with water. Before the arrival of the guests will only spray the fragrance in the room. You can use the tool instead of the usual synthetic air freshener. But remember, the best "spirits" will be stored in a glass bottle! If you do not have a spray bottle, place bamboo skewers or sushi sticks in a glass container filled with liquid.

At the very last moment

If you didn’t manage to do any of the above, and the guests are almost on the threshold, just put a pot of water on the fire, in which you can add spruce branches, citrus slices, dried fruits, cinnamon sprigs and cloves.Turn off the hood and close the windows. The fragrance will soak the whole house!

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