Christmas toy "Golden Cone"

New Year's Toy Gold cone
Christmas tree" Golden Sizzle "is very simple to make - it takes literally 30 minutes to work. And from all materials it will be required: • foam plastic • a narrow beautiful ribbon, • dried seeds of a pumpkin or watermelon.
center; "> The New Year's Toy Golden Hog ​​ First of all, stick a piece of tape equal to 15 cm to the ball. To tape firmly held in a ball, you can make a small hole, pour in the glue and insert the ends of the tape. New Year's toy Golden Shisha Seeds (in our case watermelons) begin to stick with point opposite loop.Seeds are better placed with sharp ends towards the center.
 Christmas toy Golden bump
The whole ball is pasted in the same way.
New Year's toy Golden bump The bump can be left in this form, or it can be painted in a beautiful golden color. It is desirable to apply paint in 2 layers.
 Christmas toy Golden bump
Bright Christmas decoration is ready in minutes!

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