Christmas tree from folder

Here is such a stunned New Year's beauty is very easy to make from a piece of cardboard (our piece was cut from an old folder) and shaggy tinsel.
The design of the Christmas tree is so simple that it can be repeated even by a child.
1) we take a piece (A4 size) of cardboard and turn it into a cone, fastening the top and bottom with paper clips.
2) We paste the resulting cone with a white piece of paper outside (this operation can be skipped).
3) Exactly cut the base of the cone for y of persistence. The frame of the Christmas tree is ready.
4) Take the tinsel of green color (about one meter long), the upper end of the tinsel is clamped with the upper clip and wraps the frame of the tree from the top to the bottom. We fix the other end of the garland at the bottom with another clip.
That's all, our Christmas tree is ready. You can hang small Christmas decorations and streamers for decoration.

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